Destruction Staff Skills

Destruction Staff is a ranged weapon in Elder Scrolls Online. There are different types of staffs: fire, frost and lightning. The difference between these types of staffs is in their damage type – fire staffs deal fire damage and so on. The type of the destruction staff also influences the passive effects. For example Tri Focus passive will give you different bonuses depending on the type of the staff you equip.

NOTE: Restoration Staffs and Destruction staffs belong to different weapon types and thus have different skill lines.

Destruction Staff skill line has 5 active and 5 passive abilities. Each active ability can be morphed once you reach the 4th rank for this ability. As any other active ability in ESO each skill can be morphed only once.

Spell Type
Destructive Touch Active
Wall of Elements Active
Force Shock Active
Weakness to Elements Active
Impulse Active
Tri Focus Passive
Penetrating Magic Passive
Elemental Force Passive
Ancient Knowledge Passive
Destruction Expert Passive

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