Soul Magic

Soul Magic is one of the World magical skill lines and is aimed at capturing player’s soul and “improving” your own soul. For example there is a passive that allows resurrecting without a soul gem sometimes. Abilities of this skill may be very useful but they don’t belong to absolutely must have category. You can play ESO without using these skills at all.

Spell Type
Soul Strike Ultimate
Soul Trap Active
Soul Summons Passive
Soul Shatter Passive
Soul Lock Passive

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  1. Apple.Snowsong 30 march 2014, 04:28 # 0
    Ooooo i want this Soul Magic Skill line! :)
    1. Logan Ingram 30 may 2015, 00:11 # 0
      This has some of the most beneficial perks for enchanter and mages that want to cause havoc. I'm going for this one. However, how does one gain this skill line?

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