Weapon Skills

The weapon category includes all talents related to the different types of weapon within ESO. Each subcategory allows you to increase the efficiency of the corresponding weapon type. Furthermore, there are many active abilities that allow you to perform unique skills.

There are 6 weapon skill lines in Elder Scrolls Online :

Take for example, the Dual-strike ability in the Dual-wield category, which allows you to attack the enemy with both weapons simultaneously. Another great example is the restoration staff skill tree, which allows classes outside of Templars to heal.


Each weapon tree levels up independently, you level up in the weapon tree by using corresponding weapon types and its’ abilities in battle. If you fight with two handed weapons you progress in using this weapon and open new skills in the two handed tree. If you take sword and shield you will not be able to use abilities for two handers but can for one handed. You will have to progress in using this new weapon type from scratch to progress in that skill tree. This can be applied for all weapon types in Elder Scrolls Online. Each weapon type has its own independent progression bar and independent tree of skills.


After reaching the 4th level in using definite weapon skill you can Morph this skill by adding new effects. These effects make your weapon abilities more effective. You can increase damage, add extra armor penetration, add stun or something else. Players can morph their skills to suit their gameplay.

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  1. Benny Cruz 23 december 2013, 13:40 # 0
    so question i got into the beta and i like the nightblade class and it has an Advance class siphin. and its a DOT character and he can do self heals, now the question is im doing duel wielding and want to learn some healing abilitys. so your telling me i need a staff that has healing with it lv up with it get the ability, can i switch back to my duel wield and still have the healing i just learned from the staff
    1. Duelist 24 december 2013, 02:12 # 0
      Nightblade class has self-healing DoT abilities. These abilities belong to Class Skills and can be used regardless your current weapon equipped.

      Skills of restoration staff belong to Weapon Skills and can be used only if you have restoration staff in your hands. When you switch from the staff to Dual Wield, you will not be able to use skills of restoration staff.
    2. Cash Caldwell 30 january 2014, 02:50 # 0
      So what your saying is in order to cast spells you have to have a staff equipped? There is no one hand/spell combo like a true battle mage?
      1. Duelist 30 january 2014, 05:58 # 0
        There are different types of skills in ESO: Class Skills, Racial, Weapon, Armor and so on. In order to use definite weapon category you, for example Two Handed Skills you must hold Two Handed Weapon. There are spells for battle mage. You can use Class Skills for example…
      2. Vladimir Golubev 04 february 2014, 10:20 # 0
        How about marksmanship skills?
        1. Dorgaria 21 february 2014, 20:58 # 0
          if by marksman skills you mean Bow, then you have to have a Bow equipped. If it's a CLASS skill, you simply have to choose that class when you create your character. Like Duelist had said, you can break down skill trees into different tiers. Class, Race, Guild, Weapons, Armor, World (soul trap), Crafting. I think that about covers all of them.
          The only skills that are selective are weapon & armor. In order to use weapon skills or passives you have to have that weapon equipped. Same applies to Armor since most of the armor passives apply based on how many pieces you have equipped at once. This is directly stated in the descriptions of each skill («Requires» or «when X is equipped»)

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