Restoration Staff Skills

Restoration Staff is one of several weapon types in ESO, but unlike other weapons you can’t deal damage with this type of staffs. You can only heal your allies. That means this weapon type is the best for all healers. How to fight in battle with this weapon you may ask? The answer is – you are not required to fight if you are a healer in your group but you can switch between 2 sets of weapons in Elder Scrolls Online. This allows you to use restoration staff when you need to heal and other weapon when you need to deal damage.

Restoration Staff like any other weapon type has a dedicated skill line. You can use these skills with a Restoration Staff in your hands. If you switch to other weapons the skills will be replaced.

Spell Type
Regeneration Active
Grand Healing Active
Blessing of Protection Active
Steadfast Ward Active
Force Siphon Active
Essence Drain Passive
Restoration Expert Passive
Cycle of Life Passive
Absorb Passive
Restoration Master Passive

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