One Handed and Shield Skills

One Hand and Shield skills can be used if you hold a One handed weapon and Shield in your hands. Unlike Dual Wield abilities or Two Handed skills, this skill line provides you with defensive as well as offensive abilities. It doesn’t mean that there are only protective spells in this tree. No, most of the active abilities deal damage, but the damage level is not enough to be an all out damage dealer. If you want to be top DD in ESO this line will not help you. But if you would like to be a Tank it is the perfect choice.

General difference from other weapon skills is this skill path allows you to use a large arsenal of protective and controlling abilities. Puncture reduces armor and taunts the target. Low Slash reduces weapon damage and snares thetarget. Defensive Posture reflects the next spell projective and shield Charge stuns the enemy.

The passive abilities of One Hand and Shield skills increases the efficiency of blocking. Although you can block with any weapon in ESO, shields allow you to block damage more effectively. But you need to use the shield in order to get benefits from this skill line. If you don’t use a shield often you won’t get the most out of this line.

Spell Type
Puncture Active
Low Slash Active
Defensive Posture Active
Shield Charge Active
Power Bash Active
Sword and Board Passive
Deadly Bash Passive
Fortress Passive
Deflect Bolts Passive
Battlefield Mobility Passive

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