Bow Skills

Every player can use Bow Skills only when holding the bow in hands. If you are not going to use this weapon the skill line will be almost useless for you. Bow is a ranged weapon in ESO that allows to hit enemies without coming close. This weapon type is used by assassins very often because it allows performing sudden ranged attacks from sneaking. Sometimes you will be able to kill enemies with only one shot. The general advantage of this weapon type is that it has a rather big radius that allow your character to kite foes. Bow Skills also have big radius making your character very dangerous warrior on every battlefield.

You will find bow skill line very helpful in both PvP and PvE. They will make your attacks even more dangerous.

Spell Type
Poison Arrow Active
Volley Active
Scatter Shot Active
Arrow Spray Active
Snipe Active
Accuracy Passive
Ranger Passive
Long Shots Passive
Hawk Eye Passive
Hasty Retreat Passive

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