Fighters Guild

Fighters Guild is one of 4 in-game guilds in Elder Scrolls Online. It is a huge organization of professional warriors and adventurers. It has guild houses in all big cities of Tamriel. Unlike Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood Fighters Guild is absolutely legal. The aim of the guild is to provide a place where warriors can train, study and get job. It was created by Emperor to control and regulate hiring and training of different protectors, mercenaries and other required guards.

Akaviri Potentate of the Reman Empire, Versidue-ShaieFighters founded the Guild in 2E 321. The guild became very popular soon. People from all over the Tamriel started to hire professional fighters and mercenaries for protection. Such popularity can be explained by several factors: first of all every member of the guild is a strong and professional fighter; the second factor is that the guild accepts any contract where strength and bravery required. The guild can help anyone to solve his problems legally. Need to kill some crazy rats? Or maybe you were robbed by the bandits and want to return your goods? Or maybe you need an escort? No problem, just visit Fighters Guild house and hire several warriors.

Nowadays the guild is very popular and is respected by all citizens of Tamriel. Many young men are dreaming to be accepted into this brotherhood of warriors. But it is not an easy task. The world is in danger, daedric creatures and undead appear everywhere. Molag Bal is going to merge Nirn and Oblivion using his allies and multiple Dark Anchors.

How to join Fighters Guild?

You need to find and destroy several Dark Anchors to prove your strength to the guild. Dark Anchors are always protected by Daedric monsters, so it is not easy.

Membership Benefits

Each member receives special Fighters Guild skill line that becomes available after joining the guild.

The tree consists of great spell that allows to fight against any enemies. But the best advantage of Fighters Guild abilities is that all of the skills deal extra damage or apply extra effects to undead and Daedric creatures. That means this skill line is outstanding against werewolves and vampires. You probably know that players can master werewolves and vampires skills and these skills are rather powerful. Fighters Guild skill line maintains balance and does not allow werewolves and vampires dominate the battlefield.

All Fighters Guild Skills

Spell Type
Dawnbreaker Ultimate
Silver Bolts Active
Circle of Protection Active
Expert Hunter Active
Trap Beast Active
Intimidating Presence Passive
Slayer Passive
Banish the Wicked Passive
Skilled Tracker Passive
Bounty Hunter Passive

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