Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood is one of 4 major guilds in Elder Scrolls Online. It is a famous organization of professional assassins that is spread all over the Tamriel. What is their main activity? They carry out assassination contracts. All people of the continent are afraid of this mysterious organization.

The interesting thing about the guild is that Dark Brotherhood is not just business, it is also a cult. Members of Brotherhood worship Sithis, deity representative of emptiness and the void. They believe that Sithis is their patron and Night Mother is his wife and leader of brotherhood.

The guild was formed in unknown year of 2E. There was a famous society of assassins - Morag Tong. At that time it was disorganized and could not assassinate any high-value target so a group of assassins split from Morag Tong and created their own guild - Dark Brotherhood. They changed their worship tradition and started to worship Sithis. Since then Dark Brotherhood became “death cult”. Many people still think that Morag Tong and Dark Brotherhood is the same group but it is not the truth.

In the time of ESO the guild is a powerful organization with many clandestine sanctuaries across the Tamriel. Ordinary people prefer not to talk about the guild and are afraid of guild members. Brotherhood sometimes works with Thieves Guild and scares everyone. If you have a dream to become the best assassin in Tamriel this guild is for you.

Membership Benefits

  • You can receive new quests and thus can get unique rewards. The guild is very powerful and will offer you many interesting contracts.
  • Members of the guild can master special Dark Brotherhood skills. The skill tree will help any rogue, assassin or any player who likes to play as a sneaky character.

Comments ()

  1. Dennis Freeman 12 march 2014, 21:02 # 0
    I'd really like to know more about the Dark Brotherhood guild in ESO. Where can I get ALL the info?
    1. Ambuaz 13 march 2014, 06:21 # +1
      There is no Dark Brotherhood in ESO right now and that’s why there is no more information about the guild. Developers promised to add Dark Brotherhood in one of content updates after the release.
    2. Bree 16 september 2014, 05:18 # 0
      Is the Brotherhood in the game now? I hope to get ESO sometime in the near future, and I love the Brotherhood, so I'm really hoping it'll be there c:
      1. Ambuaz 16 september 2014, 07:41 # 0
        No, right now there is no Dark Brotherhood. It will be added in later content updates.
      2. Greg 18 april 2015, 23:52 # 0
        Does anyone know if the developers have mentioned when they plan on putting the Dark Brotherhood, and the Thieves Guild in the game yet?
        1. Frank Markley 18 june 2015, 23:13 # 0
          It is now June the game has been released when will we see brother hood and thieves guilds.
          1. Ambuaz 19 june 2015, 09:32 # +1
            There is no information. Developers promised to add these guilds in one of future updates.
          2. Garrett Shadow 26 june 2015, 06:53 # 0
            It would be cool to see the mora tong agean and get to see the dark brotherhood brake off ant start its guild that would be awesome
            1. Nathan Patmore 02 july 2015, 14:02 # 0
              This should of been one of the first guilds put in this game afterall who doesnt want to be a master assassin

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