The Ebonheart Pact

The Ebonheart Pact is a very interesting alliance. On the one hand Nords, Argonians and Dunmer are old enemies. On the other hand they have similar outgoing threat so their alliance is based on necessity. They could overcome their hate and made a union. Nords are leaders of the alliance.

Leader: Jorunn the Skald-King
Starting Area: Bleakrock Isle

The leader, Jorunn Skald-King, feels he and his Nords deserve to rule the Ruby throne of Cyrodil and the whole of Tamriel. The reason for his feeling that it is his right dates back to when the Nords ruled most of Tamriel and therefore believe they should take that role that was stolen from them.

The Ebonheart Pact occupies northern and eastern part of the continent. It is difficult to control such a huge territory, but it has one advantage. Each race of the Pact has enough space and there is no necessity to attack neighbors in order to occupy their territory. So it is a big plus for the alliance.

Ebonheart Pact is also relatively new. Only 10 years passed after it was formed. The reason to make a union was the Second Akaviri Invasion. Nord, Dunmer, and free Argonians had to fight together because only united forces could beat the enemy. The alliance was successful and enemies were defeated.


The Nords are the traditional leaders of the alliance. They have experience of invasions and wars. Nords broke the power of the Ayleids, nearly drove the Altmer out of High Rock and were the rulers of the most territory of Morrowind before Dunmer arrived.

The Dark Elves (Dunmers) are also skilled warriors. They have good magical skills and experience in fighting against external threads. Due to often invasions they do not trust other races. They believe in old gods of Tribunal who help them in their battles.

The Argonians were slaves of Dunmers. So they do not like them very much. Their slavery and their weak bodies made them masters of stealth and guerrilla warfare experts. They are also good stealth warriors.

Zones and Quests of the Faction

Rare Fish

This rare fish can be caught in Ebonheart Pact locations only! Don’t forget to catch all fish listed below if you want to get all achievements of a fisherman.

Item Level
Plasm Darter 1
Azure Eel 1
Ide 1
Gourami 1
Eastmarch Pike 1
Char 1
Zander 1
Quillback 1
Tench 1
Lake Chub 1
Zebra Oto 1
Jarl Salmon 1
Blue Slimefish 1
Harbour Gar 1
Deshaan Chub 1
Cutthroat Trout 1
Steelhead 1
Ice Fish 1
Boga 1
Hardyhead 1
Ricefish 1
Thorny Catfish 1
Sockeye Salmon 1
Grouper 1
Bichir 1
Cavefish 1
Mustard Eel 1
Mouthbrooder 1
Snipe Eel 1
Modoc Sucker 1
Pricklefish 1
Eel-Goby 1
Fungusfish 1
Bream 1
Skate 1
Fang Shark 1
Venomfish 1
Gibberfish 1
Monkfish 1
Golem Shark 1
Pigfish 1
Orange Roughy 1
Opah 1
Travally 1
Armorhead 1
Skorrn 1
Ice Koi 1
Stinkfish 1
Rainbow Zander 1
Ash Shad 1
Akaviri Wrasse 1
Mud Lamprey 1
Old Man Gar 1
Toadstool Tilapia 1
Pikeblenny 1
Toxic Xoach 1
Histcarp 1
Shark Tadpole 1
Coelacanth 1
Ice Remora 1
King Sturgeon 1
White River Pickerel 1
Ghost Haddock 1
Sulfursucker 1
Ilinalta Trout 1
Muskellunge 1
White Roughy 1
Moray Leech 1
Heinous Gar 1
Ghoulfish 1
Stingerpike 1
Scum Carp 1

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