Breton - Description, Racial Bonuses and Penalties

The Bretons are a race of humans. They originate from High Rock but can be seen all over Tamriel. Some people sometimes call them "Manmeri" (man-elf).

They belong to The Daggerfall Covenant so if you chose Bretons your allies will be Orcs and Redguards.

Their homeland is High Rock – the western region which borders Skyrim and Hammerfell

The Bretons are an interesting race. They look like humans but have better magical talents due to their connection with elves. Their bodies are strong and their magical abilities allow them to use powerful spells. So they can be both good warriors and mages.

Racial bonuses and penalties

Gift of Magnus - Increases maximum Magicka by (4/7/10)%.
Light Armor Affinity Increases experience gain with the Light Armor skill line by 15%.
Spell Resistance – Increases Spell Resistance by (32/64/96).
Magicka Mastery – Reduces the Magicka cost of spells by (1/2/3)%.

History of Bretons

From the ancestral times of Nirn, the deeply embedded roots of the Breton race were born. The wandering heirs of the Aedras who remained in Tamriel during the Dawn Era, known as the Nedes (or Nedics), have long lived with the Aldmers, the first folks who had settled in High Rock. Blood and culture melting throughout the centuries, this "menmers"(men-elves) race beheld and survived many events and changes on their motherland. Adventurous and humorous people, they are thirsty for knowledge and logic. The political and social conditions in which they grew made them skilled prospectors and farmers, as well as talented merchants. Due to their elvish origins, Bretons have a strong bind with magic powers, which gives them a predisposition to magic resistance and learning. Their gods are the ones of their elven forefathers : the Nine Divines.

It took ages for the Bretons to be recognized as the main occupants of High Rock. As the elves were ruling the region, their most powerful clan, the Clan Direnni, was strong enough to oppose a mighty force to the Skyrim invaders, and colonized the most part of High Rock. During their "Direnni Hegemony" in the middle of the First Era, they took advantage of Skyrim weakness, generated by internal struggles, to claim north as well as south. Being over confident because of its military power, the Hegemony faded by itself for it had too much extended and spread over Tamriel. They progressively lost their dominion and returned to the Isle of Balfiera. Retreats and weakening of the great powers disputing the land gave the occasion for Bretons to emancipate themselves. And not by the military way. They were good builders and smart settlers. They founded many towns and took possession of Daggerfall as well as all of the Skyrim cities which were remaining in High Rock, with their social, politic, and mercantile talents. But even if Bretons way of life officially defined them as the nation of High Rock at the end of the First Era, the remaining division of their land by the elves occupation made it an evident prey for the others big Tamriel forces covetousness. This foreseeable time came: Redguards shipped from Yokuda and appeared on the Iliac Bay to take possession of it, which made Bretons call to arms in order to defend the invasion. Both nations struggled to dominate, until they had to deal with the Orcish menace. After making an alliance to fight against the terrible kingdom, Redguards and Bretons destroyed Orsinium, and deprived the "monsters" of their land, forcing them to split and spread across Tamriel. When the Second Empire rises, Bretons are obviously its pillars and can be proud of their important culture and society.

The situation after the Assassination of the Akaviri Potentate is chaotic, and Bretons desire an order, an Empire, a way to stop suffer and decline, but overall a way to be strong and able to defend their nation and its values. Emeric, a merchant lord from High Rock, helped the kings to wrap up an alliance with the Redguards. His great knowledge of politics and diplomacy also permitted the Bretons of High Rock to conclude a pact with Orcs, by promising to give them back their motherland and status, as long as they are part of the Daggerfall Covenant. Emeric is now the High King of Bretons, and the leader of the alliance. Once more, Bretons showed that their great quality is to adapt by getting stronger with diplomacy and intelligence.

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  1. Qwux 15 january 2014, 13:05 # 0
    Any clue what racials Breton will have? Would be cool to know since that is the class I will play as a caster for Daggerfall
    1. Loreseeker 28 january 2014, 03:31 # 0
      given the continuity of things, Bretons will have their resistance to magic, and probably the racial ability to absorb spells…

      Bretons were usually the Yin to the Altmer's Yang, as they had better bonuses to defensive magics.

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