Bosmer (Wood Elf) - Description, Racial Bonuses and Penalties

The Bosmer are a race of elves. They are also known as Wood Elves because they live in the huge forests of Valenwood.

They belong to the The Aldmeri Dominion so if you chose Bosmer your allies will be the Altmer and Khajiit. Their home is in Valenwood.

Bosmer are probably the smallest race. Their appearance in general is similar to appearance of other elves. They have weak bodies but their height makes them quick and tricky. They are awesome archers and thieves.

Bosmer are less noble and civilised than the Altmer and they do not like huge towns. They prefer freedom and wild nature.

Racial bonuses and penalties

Archery Expertise - Increases experience gain with the Bow skill line by 15%.
Vigor - Increases Stamina Recovery while in combat by (3/6/9)%.
Resist Affliction - Increases Poison and Disease resistance by (7/14/21).
- Increases maximum Stamina by (1/2/3)%.
Stealthy Improve Stealth radius by (1/2/3) meters. Increases damage done while stealthed by (3/6/9)%.

Other playable races

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  1. Benny Cruz 21 november 2013, 15:20 # 0
    yea im going wood elf always did this race jsut because good being a assassin also great at archer and magic so got alot of options with this race
    1. Chris Halliday 02 december 2013, 06:05 # 0
      Me too but ive never seen the magical side ot a wood elf only the assasin/archer styles. but i agree with you on the fact the Bosmer (wood elf) has great and many option in gameplay
      1. Benny Cruz 08 december 2013, 13:28 # 0
        yea just did the past beta test dude and i had lots of DOT (Dmg over time) and HOT (healing over time) so i was doing alot self heals while im doing lots of dmg felt really powerful at lav 6 was the highest i got to for the beta try it out when you get the chance
    2. Matt Foster 15 december 2013, 19:05 # 0
      Can we get a little more info on this Race please I always liked wood elves too but we don't know what crafting skills will be granted for most of the races. Not on this site anyway this site is easy to navigate and gets to the point I like it but it lacks the info one would need to study all abilities in order to react to allied synergy
      1. Duelist 16 december 2013, 01:36 # 0
        Hello Matt. All we know about crafting can be found here. ZeniMax didn’t tell any information about racial crafting skills and all we know is that each race will be able to craft special racial armor. I will add more information when it is available.

        About abilities: we are filling the site with abilities. Almost all Class skills are added. We can’t publish a lot of information because of NDA. It also takes time to add all we know. Anyway we are working and if you want to help us – you are welcome.

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