High King Emeric [NPC]

High King Emeric is a leader of the Daggerfall Covenant. His homeland is High Rock.


Emeric grew up in a peaceful time of merchantry. Merchants of Wayrest, Daggerfall, and Sentinel sent their ships to all other ports of the continent. His father Pierric of Cumberland wanted Emeric to learn the art of merchantry and trading. Emeric learned how to track shipments, how to balance accounts and got other trading skills. But his father also understood the nature of the world and he knew that peaceful time is not everlasting. Every morning Emeric sparred with the Cumberland Master of Arms and every afternoon he learned how to ride a warhorse. Every summer he traveled with Evermore Caravan as a lieutenant of the mounted escort and encountered bandits, goblins and other enemies who wanted to rob the caravan.

Emerig became a good fighter and this helped him in 2E 541 when Durcorach the Black Drake with his army of feral tribesmen attacked High Rock. Evermore and Hallin's Stand were attacked and fallen thick and fast. The army of enemies approached Wayrest. The epic Siege of Wayrest was begun and the city had to resist the enemies for fifty-seven days. The walls of Wayrest were high and solid. The Reachmen army did not have enough siege machines to crush the walls. They also did not have ships to block the harbor and cut off supplies. So they decided to leave a part of their troops to block the city. The other part of the army marched to the west into Glenumbra. Newly-independent city-state of Camlorn was taken by surprise and fell. Then the army of Durcorach the Black Drake marched to the Daggerfall. The situation was difficult but Emeric had an idea…

Though the city was blocked from the ground, the harbor was absolutely free. Emeric suggested to use merchant ships as a transport for Heavy Dragoons. King Gardner liked his idea and Emeric was appointed a head of the lances of Wayrest's finest. The Dragoons of Emeric attacked the main forces of Durcorach the Black Drake near the Daggerfall. Enemies did not expect this and were defeated. Emeric killed Durcorach and destroyed his Unholy Banner. King Bergamot with his Knights of Daggerfall finished the work.

This invasion was a stimulus for kings of Daggerfall, Camlorn, Shornhelm, Evermore, and Wayrest to merge forces and sign the first Daggerfall Covenant.

Ranser's War

In 2E 563 Emeric accessioned to the throne of Wayrest and started to look for a queen. King Ranser of Shornhelm had a daughter Princess Rayelle and her hand was offered to Emeric and he almost accepted the offer but he saw Redguardian Princess Maraya, daughter of King Fahara'jad, during visit to Sentinel. He felt in love and married Maraya. This wedding brought new trade agreement that benefited both sides.

King Ranser was wroth that Emeric did not accept the hand of his daughter. He withdrew his ambassador from the court of Wayrest and did not come to the wedding. Emeric did not pay enough attention to this fact…

In 2E 566 King Ranser suddenly attacked Shornhelm and marched to Wayrest. Oldgate Lancers were sent to capture the city gates but fortunately King Emeric with his Cumberland Guard was there at that time. He led the gate guards and other troops out against the enemy. Oldgate Lancers expected an easy fight but forces of Emeric consisted of experienced armored warriors. Though Emeric was unarmored he led the forces himself and Oldgate Lancers started to retreat.

The general forces of King Ranser approached the city later. The gates were closed and troops of King Emeric were standing on the walls.

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