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Skyrim is a province within Elder Scrolls Online. Many should be familiar with it from the latest Elder Scrolls Game 'Skyrim'. It's situated in the northern part of Tamriel and is a land of high mountains, snow and ice. It borders Morrowind on the East, Cyrodiil on the South, Hammerfell on the South-west, and High Rock on the west. Skyrim is the home of the Nords and belongs to the Ebonheart Pact.

The province is ruled by a High King and consorts. The province consists of 9 holds. Each is ruled by a Jarl. Largest cities of Skyrim are: Dawnstar, Falkreath, Markarth, Morthal, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Winterhold and Windhelm.

Cities of Skyrim

Dawnstar is the town on the northern coast of the province. It is one of the northern most cities along with Solitude and Winterhold.

Falkreath is the center of Falkreath Hold. The city is situated on the south-west, near the border with Hammerfell.

Markarth is capital of The Reach hold and is situated in the western part of the province.

Morthal is capital of Hjaalmarch hold and also situated in the western part of Skyrim.

Riften is capital of The Rift hold. The town is located in the south–east near the borders with Cyrodiil and Morrowind.

Solitude is capital of Haafingar. The town is located in the north-western part of Skyrim near the ocean. It has a big harbour and a port.

Whiterun is capital of Whiterun Hold and situated in the center of Skyrim.

Winterhold is the capital of Winterhold located in the north-eastern part of the province.

Windhelm is the capital of Eastmarch hold.

Skyrim has a cold climate filled with mountains. Skyrim has five of the highest peaks in Tamriel. Mountains with snow and tundra plains make the survival rather difficult. Though the climate is severe you can meet many animals and creatures here, among them the legendary Giants . Other races prefer not to visit the province because of the climate and the Nords who like to fight and drink alot of Mead. The Nords are a tough hardy people, shaped by their harsh environment.

Skyrim is the first region of the continent that was settled by humans, who came from Atmora (land in the far north). That’s why Skyrim is called the Old Kingdom or the Fatherland. Ysgramor came here with his people and started to live in the province. History of Nords is full of wars and expansions. They are skilled and fearless warriors. Now they are in Ebonheart Pact which fights against other factions and against ancient evil.

The Rift Eastmarch Bleakrock Isle


Quest Title Req. Level Location
A Beginning at Bleakrock 2 Bleakrock Isle
A Brothers Revenge 32 Eastmarch
A Business Proposition 39 The Rift
A Council of Thanes 36 Eastmarch
A Cure For Droi 31 Eastmarch
A Diamond in the Root 42 The Rift
A Dying Wish 36 Eastmarch
A Friend in Mead 32 Eastmarch
A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks 41 The Rift
A Grave Situation 40 The Rift
A Right to Live 34 Eastmarch
A Ritual in Smokefrost Peaks 43 The Rift
A Ritual in the Ragged Hills 43 The Rift
A Walk Above the Clouds 42 The Rift
Aiding Sigunn 38 The Rift
Alchemical Analysis 34 Eastmarch
Alls Fair 38 The Rift
Approaching Thunder 42 The Rift
At Frost's Edge 2 Bleakrock Isle
Bath Time 35 Eastmarch
Beneath the Stone 38 The Rift
Beneath the Surface 42 The Rift
Best of the Best 34 Eastmarch
Blindsided 33 Eastmarch
Blood Upon the Soil 40 The Rift
Breaking the Coven 38 The Rift
Calling Hakra 40 The Rift
Collector of Pelts 32 Eastmarch
Concealed Weapons 39 The Rift
Dangerous Union 39 The Rift
Dangerous Webs 3 Bleakrock Isle
Dark Deeds 35 Eastmarch
Dear Cousins 33 Eastmarch
Do Kill the Messenger 34 Eastmarch
Drink, Drink, and Be Merry 38 The Rift
Drinking Game 40 The Rift
Escape from Bleakrock 2 Bleakrock Isle
Eternal Slumber 35 Eastmarch
Fierce Beasts of Ivarstead 40 The Rift
Finding Winters Hammer 40 The Rift
For Kynes Honor 31 Eastmarch
Geirmunds Guardian 40 The Rift
Geirmunds Oath 40 The Rift
Giant Problems 32 Eastmarch
Gift of the Worm 39 The Rift
Gods Save the King 35 Eastmarch
Guard the Knowledge 41 The Rift
Honrich Tower 41 The Rift
Hozzin's Folly 3 Bleakrock Isle
In His Wake 41 The Rift
In Search of Kireth Vanos 37 Eastmarch
Into the Outside 40 The Rift
Kalodars Farewell 38 The Rift
Kireths Amazing Plan 37 Eastmarch
Labor Dispute 34 Eastmarch
Land Dispute 36 Eastmarch
Lifeline 35 Eastmarch
Lost Companions 43 The Rift
Lost on Bleakrock 2 Bleakrock Isle
Making Amends 36 Eastmarch
Merriment and Mystery 36 Eastmarch
Move out Miners 38 The Rift
Mystery Metal 34 Eastmarch
Names of the Fallen 42 The Rift
Natures Accord 34 Eastmarch
Of Councils and Kings 35 Eastmarch
One Victor, One King 33 Eastmarch
Our Poor Town 35 Eastmarch
Party Planning 33 Eastmarch
Pilfered Urn 35 Eastmarch
Pinepeak Caverns 40 The Rift
Problems Into Profit 40 The Rift
Pulled Under 41 The Rift
Raise the Colors 38 The Rift
Redguard on the Run 40 The Rift
Relative Matters 37 Eastmarch
Research Subject 40 The Rift
Returning Winters Bite 40 The Rift
Ritual at the Dragonshrine 43 The Rift
River of Names 42 The Rift
Save Your Voice 40 The Rift
Scouting the Mine 38 The Rift
Securing the Pass 42 The Rift
Security Details 36 Eastmarch
Shadows Over Windhelm 33 Eastmarch
Shattered Hopes 41 The Rift
Shrine of Corruption 31 Eastmarch
Shroud Hearth Barrow 40 The Rift
Sleep for the Dead 33 Eastmarch
Sleeping on the Job 34 Eastmarch
Smoke on the Horizon 38 The Rift
Sneak Peak 36 Eastmarch
Snow and Flame 37 Eastmarch
Soldier Down 41 The Rift
Song of Awakening 41 The Rift
Songs of Sovngarde 38 Eastmarch
Soul Harvest 39 The Rift
Sounds of Alarm 33 Eastmarch
Sparking the Flame 2 Bleakrock Isle
Stomping Sinmur 42 The Rift
Storming the Hall 38 The Rift
Strange Allies 33 Eastmarch
Swamp to Snow 31 Eastmarch
The Better of Two Evils 35 Eastmarch
The Farmers Champion 39 The Rift
The Frozen Man 3 Bleakrock Isle
The Konunleikar 33 Eastmarch
The Missing of Bleakrock 2 Bleakrock Isle
The Pride of a Prince 34 Eastmarch
The Rise of Sage Svari 38 The Rift
The Shackled Guardian 40 The Rift
The Shards of Wuuthrad 42 The Rift
The Siege of Cradlecrush 33 Eastmarch
The Thunder Breaks 42 The Rift
The Troubleshooter 38 The Rift
The War Council 34 Eastmarch
The Warding Way 38 The Rift
Those She Devours 42 The Rift
Through the Shroud 39 The Rift
To Honrich Tower 41 The Rift
To Nimalten 39 The Rift
To Pinepeak Caverns 40 The Rift
To Taarengrav 40 The Rift
To the King 42 The Rift
To Vernim Woods 38 The Rift
Tomb Beneath the Mountain 40 The Rift
Torn Asunder 37 Eastmarch
Tracking the Game 2 Bleakrock Isle
Trial of the Body 40 The Rift
Trial of the Mind 40 The Rift
Trial of the Spirit 40 The Rift
Underfoot 3 Bleakrock Isle
Unearthed 38 The Rift
Victory at Morvunskar 33 Eastmarch
What Waits Beneath 3 Bleakrock Isle
Where the Frostheart Grows 40 The Rift
Windhelms Champion 33 Eastmarch
Worm Cult Summoner 42 The Rift
Yngrel the Bloody 38 The Rift

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  1. Chris winters 05 may 2014, 19:17 # 0
    What line of quests would I have to do to enter skyrim? I've only really been following the whole alliances quests. Feedback appreciated :)
    1. Ambuaz 06 may 2014, 06:00 # +1
      Right now only 3 locations of Skyrim province are added – Bleakrock Isle, Eastmarch and The Rift. There are several variants to visit these territories:

      1) You can start playing as a member of Ebonheart Pact. Skyrim province belongs to this alliance. You will be able to visit these locations while questing.
      2) If you are playing as a member of other alliance you can visit these locations after completing your faction’s quests.
      1. Chris winters 07 may 2014, 06:56 # 0
        I am part of the ebonheart pact, is their a boat I need to get on, or do I just walk through the border dividing morrowind and skyrim?
        1. Chris winters 07 may 2014, 07:06 # 0
          But thanks for the help still Ambuaz :)
          1. Ambuaz 07 may 2014, 07:24 # 0
            If you are Ebonheart Pact member you don't have to rush, you will visit Eastmarch when you are 30th level. Eastmarch is a location of Skyrim province.

            I am not sure you understand all the things: there is no one big location called Skyrim. In Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim province is divided into several smaller parts. For example Eastmarch is one of them.
            1. Chris winters 07 may 2014, 15:18 # 0
              Ok thanks for making me aware, but I wasn't sure if you enter via east match or the rift which is why I gesture skyrim. I am level 25 and was curious as I looked at the recommended levels for various quests was about level 30 and I assumed I would be about that level by then. Hence I tried to time this right.
              1. Chris winters 07 may 2014, 15:39 # 0

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