The Aldmeri Dominion

The Aldmeri Dominion is the youngest among other alliances. It was born to give a respond to ancient pacts and recent events that take place in Cyrodill. Leaders of The Aldmeri Dominion are Altmer. Their goal is to take control over the Imperial City to restore Elven rule and destroy Molag Bal’s armies.

Leader: Queen Ayrenn
Starting Area: Khenarthi's Roost

The alliance is young but it is not as solid as it should be. All territories of the alliance are suffering from massive enemy attacks. Three races who take part in the alliance do not openly quarrel with each other but each race think that defense of its own homeland must take priority.

Wood Elves (Bosmer) in Valenwood are suffering from the attacks of Colovian Imperials. Their forests are being razed and burned, and as a result, the Bosmer are stretched thin. Meanwhile, Nibenese Imperials are invading into the Khajiiti’s territory. So it will be difficult to knock enemies out.


The political leaders of the Aldmeri Dominion are Altmer. They are the head of the alliance. They determine the strategic vision of The Aldmeri Dominion and are leading the campaign to restore Tamriel to Elven rule and finish the long lasting tyranny of the Empires of Men.

While the Altmer is the head, Bosmer is the body of the dominion. They play a very important role in the Dominion’s survival. Elden Root, the capital of the alliance, is situated in the center of Valenwood. All attacks and campaigns start from here. Not all Bosmer take active role in the foreign affairs and diplomacy. Many tribes have to defend their homeland from the invaders. It is a difficult task but they do it well. Moreover, they help Khajiit and Altmer to pass their land guiding them through the forests. It is their tribute into the activity of the Dominion.

The Khajiit is the main attack force of the alliance. They owe a debt to the Altmer. Altmer helped them during the epidemic of Knahaten Flu and saved a lot of lives. Now Khajiit are their faithfull allies. The Khajiit see the Dominion as a means to setting the world right and saving themselves from future invasions and wars. So they fight and do all their best to defeat enemies.

Zones and Quests of the Faction

Rare Fish

This rare fish can be caught in Aldmeri Dominion locations only! Don’t forget to catch all fish listed below if you want to get all achievements of a fisherman.

Item Level
Barbel 1
Sturgeon 1
Plasm Darter 1
Azure Eel 1
Koi 1
Murray Cod 1
Archerfish 1
Inconnu 1
Arowana 1
Ladyfish 1
Brown Trout 1
Blackspotted Pike 1
Muskie 1
Blue Slimefish 1
Harbour Gar 1
Dreughfish 1
Tiger Perch 1
Hog Sucker 1
Walleye 1
Lyretail 1
Mrigal 1
Stonefish 1
Flying Fish 1
Sweetfish 1
Bristlemouths 1
Mudfish 1
Bichir 1
Cavefish 1
Snapper Eel 1
Swamp Eel 1
Wolf-Eel 1
Cusk Eel 1
Stargazer 1
Ghastel Bass 1
Reapers Eel 1
Brotula 1
Eucla Cod 1
Mola 1
Fang Shark 1
Venomfish 1
Devil Ray 1
Mojarra 1
Triggerfish 1
Manefish 1
Ono 1
Sea Bass 1
Sheepshead 1
Red Gurnard 1
Blue Monkfish 1
Ilyadifish 1
Shimmerpike 1
Thrassian Eel 1
Bilious Catfish 1
Stickleback 1
Greater Fangfin 1
Magrove Shark 1
Viperfish 1
Jungle Bass 1
Xylo Piranha 1
Zebra Pompano 1
Ouze Toadfish 1
Whitefish 1
Strident Leechfin 1
Abecean Halibut 1
Slimeslither 1
Forest Bream 1
Strid Shad 1
Preposterous Mackerel 1
Moray Leech 1
Heinous Gar 1
Ghoulfish 1
Stingerpike 1

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