Morrowind - Locations, Quests, Places of Interest

Morrowind is a province in Elder Scrolls Online. It is situated in the northeastern part of the Tamriel. Morrowind consists of two main parts: mainland and island of Vvardenfell. It borders Skyrim on the north-west, Cyrodiil on the West and Black Marsh on the south. The province is home of Dark Elves (many people call them Dunmer)

The province is ruled by the King from the city of Mournhold, but his power is not absolute. Tribunal also affects the policy.

Largest cities of Morrowind

Mournhold, Vivec, Balmora, Ebonheart, Sadrith Mora, Ald'ruhn, Necrom, Blacklight, Narsis, Tear, Port Telvanis.

Morrowind is isolated from other territories by high mountains on the west. The mountains affect the ecology and climate on the territory. There are many desserts and swamps with strange and aggressive creatures.

Dunmer is not the only race of the province. An ancient race of Dwemer also lived here before but they disappeared during Battle of Red Mountain. Dwemer and Chimer fought against each other in this battle and something strange happened. Nobody knows why, but Dwemer disappeared from the world and Chimer were cursed by god Azura. Their eyes became red and skin dark. Now they are known as Dunmer.

Morrowind suffered from invasions and wars. Nords from Skyrim invaded Morrowind in The First Era. Dwemers and Chimers had to make a union and protect their land. Nords were defeated.

Stonefalls Deshaan Bal Foyen


Quest Title Req. Level Location
A Bit of Sport 10 Stonefalls
A Blow for Order 23 Deshaan
A Fair Warning 19 Deshaan
A Favor Returned 15 Deshaan
A Gathering of Guar 15 Stonefalls
A Goblin's Affection 10 Stonefalls
A Higher Priority 11 Stonefalls
A Letter for Deshaan 23 Deshaan
A Saint Asunder 21 Deshaan
A Service for the Dead 17 Deshaan
A Storm Broken 11 Stonefalls
A Story Told in Footprints 13 Stonefalls
A Timely Matter 15 Deshaan
Aggressive Negotiations 15 Stonefalls
An Unwanted Twin 13 Stonefalls
Assisting Davon's Watch 8 Stonefalls
Bad Medicine 23 Deshaan
Bad Soldiers 17 Deshaan
Breaking Fort Virak 12 Stonefalls
Breaking the Tide 4 Bal Foyen
Burning Revenge 21 Deshaan
By Invitation Only 21 Deshaan
Carving Cuttle 16 Deshaan
Challenge the Tide 21 Deshaan
Chasing the Magistrix 23 Deshaan
City at the Spire 12 Stonefalls
City Under Siege 5 Stonefalls
Cleansing the Past 10 Stonefalls
Climbing the Spire 15 Stonefalls
Close the Scamp Caves 8 Stonefalls
Cold-Blooded Vengeance 19 Deshaan
Crossroads 4 Bal Foyen
Cultural Exchange 18 Deshaan
Darkvale Brews 14 Stonefalls
Death Trap 18 Deshaan
Delaying the Daggers 5 Stonefalls
Desperate Souls 7 Stonefalls
Dissonant Commands 17 Deshaan
Divine Favor 13 Stonefalls
Enlightenment Needs Salt 11 Stonefalls
Enslaved in Death 6 Stonefalls
Evening the Odds 12 Stonefalls
Exquisite Tears 5 Stonefalls
Fighting Back 17 Deshaan
Finding the Family 4 Bal Foyen
For Their Own Protection 23 Deshaan
From the Wastes 13 Stonefalls
Giving for the Greater Good 6 Stonefalls
Healing Hearts 17 Deshaan
Hiding in Plain Sight 17 Deshaan
Honor Bound 24 Deshaan
Hunting Invaders 11 Stonefalls
If By Sea 4 Bal Foyen
In With the Tide 8 Stonefalls
Into the Mouth of Madness 16 Deshaan
Intruders in Deshaan 24 Deshaan
Kinsman's Revenge 11 Stonefalls
Legacy of the Ancestors 5 Stonefalls
Mechanical Murder 18 Deshaan
Message to Mournhold 19 Deshaan
Mot I've for Heresy 24 Deshaan
Mournhold Market Misery 22 Deshaan
Mystery of Othrenis 7 Stonefalls
Night of the Soul 10 Stonefalls
Nothing Left to Waste 18 Deshaan
Oath Breaker 16 Deshaan
One of the Undaunted 12 Stonefalls
Onward to Shadowfen 24 Deshaan
Opening the Portal 15 Stonefalls
Payback 18 Deshaan
Percussive Ranching 6 Stonefalls
Peril at the Pools 10 Stonefalls
Plague Bringer 18 Deshaan
Proprietary Formula 15 Deshaan
Protecting the Hall 11 Stonefalls
Proving Trust 6 Stonefalls
Quiet the Ringing Bell 5 Stonefalls
Quieting a Heart 7 Stonefalls
Race For the Cure 15 Deshaan
Ratting Them Out 17 Deshaan
Recovering the Guar 10 Stonefalls
Remembering Risa 20 Deshaan
Rending Flames 7 Stonefalls
Rescue and Revenge 22 Deshaan
Restless Spirits 22 Deshaan
Restoring Order 10 Stonefalls
Restoring the Guardians 8 Stonefalls
Ritual of Anguish 16 Deshaan
Rules and Regulations 23 Deshaan
Sadal's Final Defeat 15 Stonefalls
Salt of the Earth 4 Bal Foyen
Savages of Stonefalls 13 Stonefalls
Saving the Son 15 Stonefalls
School Daze 21 Deshaan
Search and Rescue 21 Deshaan
Shattering Mirror 13 Stonefalls
Stem the Tide 11 Stonefalls
Strange Guard Beasts 23 Deshaan
Supply Run 22 Deshaan
Suspicious Silence 8 Stonefalls
Taking Precautions 15 Stonefalls
Taking the Tower 10 Stonefalls
That Which Matters Most 18 Deshaan
The Bard of Hounds 4 Bal Foyen
The Brothers Will Rise 9 Stonefalls
The Coral Heart 10 Stonefalls
The Curse of Heimlyn Keep 12 Stonefalls
The Death of Balreth 8 Stonefalls
The Dungeon Delvers 18 Deshaan
The Fate of a Friend 9 Stonefalls
The Fetish 13 Stonefalls
The General's Demise 12 Stonefalls
The Judgment of Veloth 24 Deshaan
The Light Fantastic 18 Deshaan
The Llodos Plague 17 Deshaan
The Medallions of Saint Veloth 17 Deshaan
The Mournhold Underground 19 Deshaan
The Naked Nord 16 Deshaan
The Ravaged Village 23 Deshaan
The Sapling 10 Stonefalls
The Saving of Silent Mire 23 Deshaan
The Seal of Three 21 Deshaan
The Soldiers Alibi 23 Deshaan
The Trial of the Ghost Snake 20 Deshaan
The Truth about Spiders 10 Stonefalls
The Venom of Ahknara 8 Stonefalls
The Wizard's Tome 5 Stonefalls
The Wounds in the World 23 Deshaan
This One's a Classic 15 Stonefalls
Through the Aftermath 6 Stonefalls
To Aid Davon's Watch 7 Stonefalls
To Ash Mountain 7 Stonefalls
To Fort Virak 10 Stonefalls
To the Mountain 10 Stonefalls
To the Tormented Spire 15 Stonefalls
Tracking the Plague 18 Deshaan
Trade Negotiations 20 Deshaan
Undermined 13 Stonefalls
Unorthodox Tactics 4 Bal Foyen
Unwanted Guests 17 Deshaan
Vengeance for House Dres 15 Stonefalls
Vengeance of the Oppressed 19 Deshaan
Vision Quest 21 Deshaan
Wake the Dead 7 Stonefalls
Warning Davons Watch 4 Bal Foyen
Waylaid Wine Merchant 13 Stonefalls
Wayward Son 6 Stonefalls
What Lies Beneath 23 Deshaan
What Was Done Must Be Undone 12 Stonefalls
Window on the Past 9 Stonefalls
You Have to Break a Few 17 Deshaan
Zeren in Peril 4 Bal Foyen

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