Dunmer (Dark Elf) - Description, Racial Bonuses and Penalties

Dunmer is a race of elves. They are also known as Dark Elves. These two terms mean the same race.

They belong to The Ebonheart Pact so if you chose Dunmer your allies will be Nords and Argonians. Their homeland is Morrowind.

The appearance of the Dunmer race is similar to other elves but Dunmer have red eyes and dark skin. That’s why they are called Dark Elves. If you see an elf with red eyes it is Dunmer. They are rather tall: taller than Bosmer but shorter than Altmer.

They are very strong, quick and have awesome intellect. Such a combination of talents allows them to be good warriors or sorcerers. They like melee hand-to-hand combat and the art of magic. Many awesome warriors and mages can be found among the Dunmer. They are also good assassins and some of them work for the Dark Brotherhood.

Racial bonuses and penalties

Ambidexterity - Increases experience gain with the Dual Wield skill line by 15%.
Dynamic - Increases maximum Magicka and Stamina by (2/4/6)%.
Resist Flame - Increases Fire resistance by (10/20/30). Increases maximum Magicka by (1/2/3)%.
Flame Talent - Increases Spell Power with fire effects by (1/2/3).

Other playable races

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  1. Barbra Lehto 22 january 2014, 16:54 # 0
    I'm concerned that the forced factions may lead to weaker groups. The Altmer/Bosmer/Khajiit group seems to be weak on the tanking side, where the Orc/Breton/Redguard seem week on the mage dps/hps side. The most balance faction appears to be the Nord/Dunmer/Argonian where you have a strong tanking race, a natural healing race, and a race that can do both melee and mage dps.

    I realize that every race can level whatever skills they want, but it seems a bit silly to try and level a Nord as mage dps or a Khajiit as a tank.

    Are inherent race skills going to be obsolete at endgame? If so, it would be very disappointing.
    1. Andrew Tuinktuink 28 january 2014, 18:08 # 0
      In my opinion, Khajit can be a good Dragon Knight. While Altmer can be both great sorcerer and templar due to their magical ability. But it's just my opinion. Need to try first to be sure or maybe someone who played beta can confirm this?
      1. Barbra Lehto 28 january 2014, 20:47 # 0
        Thanks, I agree with your recommendations. My dilemma is that two of my friends want to be elves in the Aldmeri Dominion and I want to be a Dark elf or Nord. With the way the alliances are set up, we will not be able to do instances together. So, I either have to pick a race I don't really want to play, or group with people I don't know.
        1. Marc-André Boulet 29 january 2014, 17:47 # 0
          if you pre-order the game, you get a bonus that allows you to play in any alliance regardless of your race. get to it, and have fun with your friends as a dunmer!
          1. Barbra Lehto 29 january 2014, 18:08 # 0
            You're my HERO!!! I pre-ordered a week ago!
            1. Andrew Tuinktuink 30 january 2014, 16:56 # 0
              But don't buy the wrong one or else you will not be able to use any race in any alliance.
              1. Dorgaria 21 february 2014, 21:20 # 0
                Not true. A close read of the bonuses state that all pre-orders will have the any race/any faction perk while only the Imperial edition will get the bonus Imperial race to choose. Also all pre-orders come with 5 days early access EXCEPT the standard physical edition (it only has 3 days).
          2. Dorgaria 21 february 2014, 21:24 # 0
            Also, ZOS has mentioned something to the effect that you will be able to play through the other faction story lines regardless of what faction you start as. I believe you have to complete one story line before changing to another however. That said, I'm not sure how it will affect Cyrodil & PVP…
      2. Erasmo Bruno 07 february 2014, 11:06 # 0
        This class is good for healer? =s
        1. Dorgaria 21 february 2014, 21:22 # 0
          As many have said, any race can play any class/role. the only real difference will be in where you put your skill points. Racial skills start with only the first tier of the first skill unlocked. If I recall it is always a Weapon XP bonus.
        2. Zac Crumpton 28 february 2014, 01:54 # 0
          anyone else notice the nords and dark elves are in the same fraction, but they absolutely despise each other?

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