Queen Ayrenn [NPC]

Queen Ayrenn is a ruler of Aldmeri Dominion. She is one of the main persons in Elder Scrolls Online. Her homeland is Summerset.

Ayrenn was born in 2E 555. She belongs to an ancient royal elven family. Her ancestors descended from the Gods who created Nirn. Her father, King Hidellith, was a talented ruler and all his decisions were based on Elven traditions. Ayrenn was named according to rules from the Scrolls of Praxis and her birth had been celebrated for fifty five days.

Princess Ayrenn was a curious child. She liked to discover new information herself. In 2E 563 the ceremony of Ayrenn's matriculation to the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth took place. Sapiarchs' Labyrinth is a place where all heirs to the throne study elven traditions and prepare to rule. But during the ceremony Princess Ayrenn suddenly disappeared. Despite all efforts nobody could found her. In 2 years Prince Naemon (Ayrenn’s brother) was named heir to the throne. He also entered the Labyrinth to learn. In 2E 580 King Hidellith died and Prince Naemon started to prepare to ascend the throne.

But suddenly a miracle happened. People from Port Velyn in Valenwood brought a message telling that Princess Ayrenn is returning. She arrived in time and announced that she has rights to rule because she is the eldest heir. High Justiciar agreed with the facts and on the 7th of Frost Fall 2E 580 she became Queen Ayrenn.

There are a lot of myths about her life abroad. They say she sailed on a pirates’ ship, visited lands of Dunmer and read Indigo Scrolls there, visited Windhelm and even could drink more mead than Queen Mabjaarn Flame-Hair in a mead-slamming contest. Maybe these myths are true, maybe not, but most of elves do not believe in such tales. They are sure that she was absent because decided to prepare to rule using her own methods.

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