The Daggerfall Covenant

The Daggerfall Covenant is a strong alliance founded in 2E 567 at Wayrest. The High King Emeric is a legendary person who is considered as the founder. The goal of The Daggerfall Covenant is to re-establish the Second Empire and return peace and prosperity to Tamriel. Bretons are leaders of the alliance.

Leader: High King Emeric
Starting Area: Stros M’kai

Bretons, Redguards and Orcs formed a union when the Breton King Emeric of Wayrest was attacked after his marriage. His wife was a princess of Redguard so they decided to help the king. Emeric also enlisted the help of the Orcs and defeated his enemies. After his triumph he repaid his allies by fulfilling all promises made to them.

The unification of the three races brought stability to the region. Though many Redguards do not want to join, The Daggerfall Covenant is the most powerfull of the three alliances of the Tamriel.


The Bretons are the most charismatic participants of the alliance. They are great political masters and traders. They are also experts in magic and wizardry. Bretons are masters of environmental and elemental manipulation.

The Redguards hail from the Hammerfell cities of Sentinel and Hallin’s Stand. A desert people, their ancestors migrated to Tamriel from the lost continent of Yokuda. Though the race of Redguards is small in terms of numbers, they are great warriors and make a strong impact into the Covenant’s forces.

The Orcs are bound to the Daggerfall Covenant by honor after King Emeric fulfilled his promises. The Orcs believe the Bretons have earned their loyalty and fight viciously against the Covenant’s opponents. There are many talented smiths and weapon masters among them. But they are famous as fierce warriors who fight next to the Redguards and Bretons against Covenant’s enemies.

Zones and Quests of the Faction

Rare Fish

This rare fish can be caught in Daggerfall Covenant locations only! Don’t forget to catch all fish listed below if you want to get all achievements of a fisherman.

Item Level
Saw Belly 1
Lungfish 1
Paddlefish 1
Gar 1
Plasm Darter 1
Azure Eel 1
Rock Bass 1
Powen 1
Nase 1
Rivenspire Trout 1
Yellow Bass 1
Barfish 1
Banded Killifish 1
Driftfish 1
Lenok 1
Pupfish 1
Blue Slimefish 1
Harbour Gar 1
Catfish 1
Warmouth 1
Turbot 1
Stream Catfish 1
River Stingray 1
Grass Carp 1
Cutthroat Eel 1
Sand Moray 1
Panga 1
Swai 1
Bichir 1
Cavefish 1
Lamprey 1
Dragonfish 1
Writhing Scrab 1
Ribbon Eel 1
Yellow Moray 1
Sawfish 1
Alewife 1
Sablefish 1
Toadfish 1
Morid Cod 1
Fang Shark 1
Venomfish 1
Tuna 1
Finless Sole 1
Hake 1
Dusky Grouper 1
Stormhaven Flounder 1
Dab 1
Hag Fen Hagfish 1
Cambray Perch 1
Brook Trout 1
Azurain Flounder 1
Alcaire Pike 1
Dreugh Shrimp 1
Snakehead 1
Ichory Chub 1
Ruby Tench 1
Northpoint Cod 1
Sand Eel 1
Desert Pupfish 1
Midget Salmon 1
Bonefish 1
Scaly Lungfish 1
Lake Snapper 1
Prickleback 1
Bjoulsae Hake 1
Moray Leech 1
Heinous Gar 1
Ghoulfish 1
Stingerpike 1

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