Requires Dual Wield Weapon
Cast Time Instant
Cost Stamina
Type: Active
- Deals Physical damage to all enemies around you
- Damage increased vs low health enemies
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Whirlwind is an ability from the Dual Wield skill line. This ability causes the character to enter in a furious whirlwind dealing physical damage to all enemies around the character. The spell is also more effective against low health enemies. This is a good finishing AOE spell but costs a lot of stamina, so use wisely.

This ability will help you a lot if you are surrounded by enemies. The more foes you can hit – the better. That’s because the stamina cost of the ability is the same regardless of the number of enemies you can hit. To use Whirlwind against a single target is a waste of stamina. But if there are 4 or 5 foes it's a very effective AoE.

Tier 1 Morphing

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