Twin Blade and Blunt

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Twin Blade and Blunt
Requires Dual Wield Weapon
Type: Passive
Dual wielding weapons grant the following bonuses per weapon equipped:

Axe: extra chance to apply bleeding DoT
Mace: Deal bonus damage to heavily armored enemies
Sword: Deal additional damage
Dagger: Increase critical strike

Twin Blade and Blunt is a passive skill from the Dual Wield skill line. This skill grant bonuses for each specific weapon equipped. Axe receives extra chance to apply bleeding DoT to the target, Mace deals extra damage to heavily armored enemies, Sword deals additional damage to all enemies, Dagger receives increased critical strike chance.

You need to take this passive into account when choosing weapons for fighting. As you see the effects are different depending on the weapon type. So if you prefer just flat damage increase you need to take swords. If you are assassin and want more critical strikes – take daggers.

It’s also great that this passive allows to mix weapons without losing the effect. For example if you take Mace in one hand and Axe in the other you will receive two different bonuses. But don’t forget that if you hold two similar weapons the bonus will be stronger.

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