Hidden Blade

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Hidden Blade
Requires Dual Wield Weapon
Cast Time Instant
Cost Stamina
Type: Active
- Throws a dagger that deals Physical damage and interrupts the target
- Snares the enemy

Hidden Blade is an ability from the Dual Wield skill line. This ability will cause the character to throw a dagger to the target dealing physical damage. The attack will also interrupt the target from casting and will slow down any movement for a small duration.

With 20 meters range, this skill is really good to slow down an incoming enemy or interrupt a range caster. It is a perfect spell for catching an escaping target or when you need to escape from the enemy. The stamina cost of the ability is not very big and it’s possible to slow down 2 or even 3 enemies.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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