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Requires Dual Wield Weapon
Type: Passive
While dual wielding:
- Deal more damage when attacking disabled targets (stunned/immobilized/ disoriented/silenced)

Ruffian is a passive skill from the Dual Wield skill line. This passive skill increase the damage done on disabled targets (stunned/immobilized/disoriented/silenced). Though Dual Wield tree does not have any disabling abilities, you need to master this passive because it will work with active abilities of your class. If you like to disable foes this passive will boost your damage.

The best thing about Ruffian is that the enemy may be disabled by other player and you will receive damage boos anyway. It is great when you play in a group. Especially if your partner uses a lot of controlling abilities. This passive will be helpful in group PvP because players like to stun, immobilize, disorient and silence their enemies. It’s a good tactics in massive battles and you will benefit from it because of Ruffian.

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