Imperial - Description and Racial Bonuses

Imperial is one of 10 playable races in Elder Scrolls Online. General difference of this race from other races is that it is not available to all players. It’s a part of exclusive digital content that comes with the collector’s edition. That’s why you can choose this race only if you own Imperial Edition of the game. If you are playing standard edition you can’t chose this race.

The lore behind the race tells that Imperials are worshiping Dardra in the time of ESO. Many of them are allies of Tharn family. But not all Imperials think that this is the right way. Some of them don’t like the Tharn family and their Daedric allies. That’s why you can play as a rogue Imperial in ESO.

The race is not locked to any faction. You can play as Imperial in any of three alliances. After breaking from their Daedra worshipping ways some of them joined to Aldmeri Dominion, others to Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact.

Racial bonuses and penalties

Shield Affinity - Increases experience gain with the One-Handed and Shield skill line by 15%.
Conditioning - Increases maximum Stamina by (4/7/10)%.
Red Diamond - Melee attacks have a 10% chance to restore 2/4/6 Health
Tough - Increase maximum Health by 4/8/12%

There is a unique racial skill line available for the race. You can also wear a costume that allows to change the appearance of your character and makes your armor look like Imperial. You also receive an ability to craft items with imperial style.

There is a way to get Imperial race if you play Standard Edition of ESO. You need to upgrade your game to Imperial Edition. Starting April 4th, 2014 all customers who own Digital Standard Edition can upgrade to the Digital Imperial Edition by visiting The Elder Scrolls Online Store. This will allow them to receive the exclusive collection of in-game rewards available from the Digital Imperial Edition.

Other playable races

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