Light Armor Affinity

Light Armor Affinity
Requires Breton
Type: Passive
Increases experience gain with the Light Armor skill line by 15%.
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Light Armor Affinity is the first racial skill of Breton race. It increases experience gain with the Light Armor skill line by 15%. That means you can advance in Light Armor skill line faster. This skill is ysefull unill you reach max. level in this skill line. Once you have mastered it fully the skill will becone useless. That's why you should not pay a lot of attention to this racial


It is a racial ability and can be mastered if you belong to Breton race.

Unlike other racial passives of Breton is unlocked by default and does not require skill point to be mastered. It Also does not have ranks and you can't make the effect dtronger.

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