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Type: Passive
- Increases experience gain with the Dual Wield skill line by 15%.
Unlocked at Racial Skills Rank 1

Ambidexterity is a racial ability of Dunmer (Dark Elves) - Increases experience gain with the Dual Wield skill line by 15%. This passive will help you to progress in using Dual Wield weapons faster. But this ability will work until you reach max level in this skill path. Once you reach max level you will not be able to progress any further and thus the bonus will become useless. That's the reason why you should not take this passive into account when choosing a race.


It is a racial ability and can be mastered if you belong to Dunmer race.

Unlike other racial passives of Dunmer this ability does not have ranks. You can not advance in this ability and you can not make it stronger. But you are not required to spend skill points to unlock it. It is unlocked by default.

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