Requires Bow
Cast Time Instant
Cost Stamina
Type: Active
- Repeatedly fire arrows at target location
- Deal Physical damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies in area
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Volley deals damage in a targeted area immobilizing any foes that are hit. It is general ability with AoE damage that allows to hit multiple enemies at once. It is great to use this ability in PvP or Dungeons when your group is fighting against other group. In such situations it may be better to deal relatively small amount of damage to multiple enemies than to focus on one target.

The other great effect is that the spell immobilizes any foe that was hit. This effect can help a lot in synergies. If you see that your ally hits enemies with AoE DoT ability like Nova you may help him and immobilize foes with Volley. Foes will not be able to escape and will receive more damage.

Tier 1 Morphing

Spell Type

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