Scatter Shot

Scatter Shot
Requires Bow
Cast Time Instant
Cost Stamina
Type: Active
- Deals 6 Physical damage to target enemy - Knock enemy back 6 meters and disorient them for 5 seconds
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Scatter Shot deals damage to the target as well as knocking them back and disorienting them for a period of time. This looks to be the go-to stun for bow users. It not only knocks back the target, putting more distance between you and your opponent, but also provides a disorient which could allow you to distance yourself further or perform a ‘snipe’. This skill is amazing for PvP or duel. If you are using bow this skill will help you a lot to control your opponent.

You can also use this skill in unusual way: for example to knock your enemy from the wall or to knock him into the trap or other damaging area.

Tier 1 Morphing

Spell Type

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