Long Shots

Long Shots
Requires Bow
Type: Passive
While you have a bow equipped:
- Gain up to 6% bonus damage vs distant targets
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Long Shots is a passive ability that can be learned in Bow skill line. It increases your damage against distant targets when you have bow equipped. Any ranged damage dealer will find this ability very useful.

Comments (2)

  1. ShadowBorne 23 march 2014, 18:11 # 0
    Has anyone been able to clarify what the «distant targets» qualifier is?
    1. Garaski 24 march 2014, 16:55 # 0
      Confirmed? Don't think so, but I would assume anything over 15 meters. There seems to be 3 ranges in the game, close combat, 0-4, mid range which from some of the bow abilities seems to run from 4-20, and everything else appears to be around 28, for long range. I'm basing this off abilities like impale, which is an upgrade to assassination and it should never get the buff for that. and given it's a bow feat, all bow abilities are 20 meters or greater, I think we can safely assume distant probably qualifies as >15 or >20 meters

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