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Dear friends, we are glad to see you at Elderscrollsonline.info This website is dedicated to one of the most anticipated MMORPG games: Elder Scrolls Online.

The game is not officially released so far but we have some information to share with you. An anonymous industry source confirmed that all action in Elder Scrolls Online will take place several hundred years before other TES games (during “Second Era”). Three factions will be available. Each faction will have its symbol – an animal. Dragon, Lion and eagle (or phoenix) will represent each faction.

The news is interesting and all TES fans will be looking forward to see more information about the game. There are a lot of questions that should be answered.

Is the information about MMORPG in the TES universe true?
Well, this question is serious. It is not a secret that ZeniMax and Bethesda are working on MMORPG. Many job vacancies can be found at the website of ZM:

Art Producer
Concept Artist
Graphics Programmer
You can see that the requirements for all these vacancies contain the following words “MMO experience a plus” or “Previous game industry/MMO development experience preferred “ That means the company is interested in people who have MMO experience. Why do they need such staff? The answer is: they are developing MMO game.

But will the game take place in Elder Scrolls universe or in other world? There is no official information.

When will the game be officially released?
They say the game will be announced in May 2012. The release date is unknown.

As you can see all information is not official. We can only conjecture about real Bethesda plans. But the fact that there has been more and more speculation about TES MMO gives us a right to expect the game in near future. What is your opinion?
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