Cleansing Ritual

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  • Cleansing Ritual
    Requires Templar
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    - Instantly removes a negative effect from self
    - Over x seconds, heals allies in area every 2 seconds
    - Allies may activate Purify, removing all negative effects
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    Cleaning Ritual is a very good debuff. It allows to remove negative effects from self and gives Templar temporary healing aura that restores health of nearby allies. Allies may activate Purify and also remove negative effects.

    Most of the players think that debuffs are not very effective but when several dubuffing effects affect your character you become weaker and may even lose your attack power and health. The more debuffs on you the less damage you deal. If most members of your group are affected bu weaken effects your group is weaker than it should be. Thus it is very important to get rid of negative effects fast. Cleaning Ritual will help you to do this.

    This spell will help those Templars who prefer support role. Cleaning Ritual may help entire group because of AoE healing and debuffing effect. If you fight against mages who cast a lot of debuffing magic trying to weaken your group this spell can help you a lot because any ally may also use your Purify synergy and get rid of any negative effects. Additional healing effect will also help to restore health of your allies.

    The cost of this spell is not very high and thus a Templar can use it pretty often. All these advantages make Cleaning Ritual very useful spell in many situations.

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