Defensive Posture

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Defensive Posture
Requires One Handed and Shield
Cast Time Instant
Cost Stamina
Type: Active
- Activate to reflect next spell projectile at attacker
While ability is slotted:
- Increase block mitigation and reduce block cost

Defensive Posture

reflects the next spell projective back after activation. If the ability is slotted on your hotbar it also increases block mitigation and reduces block cost. When you are blocking someone’s hit you spend your stamina and this ability will help you to decrease the cost of blocking. It is a very good bonus for any Tank, and it becomes even better because it does not require activation. Just place Defensive Posture on your hotbar.

Defensive Posture will help a lot in any fight because of the reflecting effect. It reflects the spell and the attacker will receive the damage. It will be a great surprise for the enemy. Look to use this if you see your target casting a large attack.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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