Intimidating Presence

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Intimidating Presence
Requires Fighters Guild
Type: Passive
- Allows you to Intimidate certain NPCs in conversations

Intimidating Presence is a passive ability that will not help you in battle but will be very helpful in dialogues. You can use your severe appearance in order to fear people. Now you can intimidate certain NPCs in conversations.

The mechanics of the spell is pretty simple. It adds one more line that you can chose during some conversations. This line allows you to frighten the opponent and thus sometimes avoid extra actions in order to get the required result. For example there may be situations when NPC will ask you to accomplish a task before he will give you information. You may use the Intimidating Presence and force him to give you information without any quest or the quest will be easier. Note that this ability works in certain conversations only. It is impossible to use it everywhere. There are certain quests that can be passed with using benefits of this passive.

It’s not an absolutely “must have” ability. You may want to learn it or may not. All you should know is that it opens another way of completing quests and sometimes will help you.

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