Requires Fighters Guild
Type: Passive
- Increase weapon power when attacking undead and Daedra
- Increase spell power when attacking undead and Daedra
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Slayer is a very useful ability of the Fighters Guild that makes all your attacks against Daedric and undead creatures more powerful and deadly. The ability gains you permanent bonus to weapon and spell power.

The passive will help you a lot even if you are not going to use other Fighters Guild skills. If you have Skilled Tracker passive taken extra damage will also be dealt to werewolves. As you probably know werewolves are very strong enemies. The best way to fight with them is to use Fighters Guild skills because of the extra effects the skills give against these creatures, but it’s difficult to predict when you will face with such enemy. Thus if your hotbar is filled with class skills your power against werewolves may not be enough.

Slayer passive will help you in such situation because the spell gives you permanent bonus to your damage regardless the spells on your hotbar. You will deal more damage and it will help you to win the battle.

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