Silver Bolts

Silver Bolts
Requires Fighters Guild
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Deals Physical damage
- Undead and Daedra are knocked down for 3.5 seconds
- x% chance on hit to banish targets, dealing Magic damage
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Silver Bolts is an active spell of Fighters Guild skill line. The spell deals damage to the target. If the target is undead or Daedra it will be knocked down for short duration. The spell has a percentage based chance to banish target on hit dealing extra magical damage.

If you have Skilled Tracker passive taken, Silver Bolts becomes great for fighting against vampires and werewolves because of the rather long duration of knocking effect. Most of other spells knock down enemies for about a second but this knocks enemy at least for 3,5 sec. It can be very helpful in battle or duel against vampires. The stamina cost of Silver Bolts is not very big and it is possible to use this ability pretty often. Vampires and werewolves will be really disappointed if you have this spell on your hotbar.

The spell is outstanding because of the big range. It allows to strike an enemy if he stands far from the character. The animation of the spell looks outstanding. Your character waves his hand and strikes from a small crossbow. There is no crossbow weapon type in the game but this spell has such animation. Many players were confused when they saw this animation in video.

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