Trap Beast

Trap Beast
Requires Fighters Guild
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Place a trap at location for medium duration
- Trap takes 4 seconds to arm, then deals Magic damage and immobilizes closest enemy
- Undead and Daedra also burn for extra Magic damage
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Trap Beast is an active ability of Fighters Guild skill line. The spell places a trap at target location for a medium duration. The trap deals damage and immobilizes enemies. If the trap catches undead or Daedra he will take additional damage from magical fire. Warriors from Fighters Guild have to fight with undead and Daedric enemies pretty often and Trap Beast ability helps to win the fights. Great immobilizing effect and extra damage of the spell makes it very useful in PvP and PvE.

Don’t forget that the trap needs some time to arm. If you place the trap right under the enemy he will most likely avoid the spell and will not be caught. That’s why you need to place it in advance.

Trap Beast can be very helpful for those who like to use bow or other ranged weapon. You can place a trap on the way of the enemy and kite him when he will be caught. It’s also great to us the spell for self-protection. Place the trap right in front of you and the enemy will be caught when he approach you.

As you see it’s possible to use this spell in many situations when you need to immobilize someone.

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