Earthen Heart

Earthen Heart is the third skill path of Dragonknight class. Though there is only one direct attacking spell, the line has great supporting abilities that will help you to survive. There are two very good massive buffs that can be applied to all nearby allies increasing their power and protection. There is also one great stunning spell and AoE debuff. The combination of skills allows to create a good Tank with high survivability and benificial buffs that will help to protect your group. Let’s take a close look at the list of active abilities.

Earthen Heart Skills

Magma Armor
Molten Weapons
Obsidian Shield
Ash Cloud
Eternal Mountain
Battle Roar
Mountain’s Blessing
Helping Hands

Magma Armor is an Ultimate Ability that limits incoming damage per hit and deals AoE damage to all nearby enemies. This skill is great for Tanks. Stonefist deals damage and knocks down enemy.
Molten Weapons is a great buff with AoE effect which affects all nearby allies increasing their power.
Dragonknight has doubled effect.
Obsidian Shield is also AoE buff which creates a shield around your allies. The shield absorbs a part if incoming damage.
Petrify stuns the enemy. Effect can be cancelled if the target receives heavy damage. It is the best spell to remove the target from fight.
Ash Cloud is and AoE debuff that snares foes and makes them miss more often.

Earthen Heart is a great magic school for both AvA and PvE. But some spells show maximum efficiency only in massive battles. For example Obsidian Shield and Molten Weapons have AoE effect and it is probably better to exchange these spells for PvP duels.

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