Ardent Flame

Ardent Flame is one of three magic schools that a Dragon Knight can master. The tree has 5 active skills, 4 passive and 1 ultimate ability. All skills are based on fire magic. Ardent Flame is “aggressive” magic school. Most of active abilities are used for dealing damage and burning enemies. Many skills also have DoT effects that deal extra damage. Passive abilities increase efficiency of general spells and your character becomes even more powerful.

All Ardent Flame Spells

Dragonknight Standard
Fiery Grip
Searing Strike
Fiery Breath
Lava Whip
Searing Heat
World in Flames

This skill line is great for both PvP and massive AvA battles. Some skills have AoE effects that work perfectly against group of enemies. There are also skills that allow to snare target and deal heavy damage to it. So DK feels rather comfortable in any encounter.

Compared to other class skill trees Ardent Flame is the most aggressive. If you like to deal a lot of damage and do not bother about your protection this specialization is for you. Dragon Knight with flame skills is a very dangerous opponent. The weakness of Ardent Flame school is low protection. There are no spells that can heal or protect your character from incoming damage. All potential of the class can be realized in a party with good healer who can support you in difficult situation.

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