Draconic Power

Draconic Power is a second skill line of Dragonknight class. Unlike Ardent Flame line which is focused on dealing damage, Draconic Power path consists of defensive spells and abilities for crowd control. Dragonknight can use his spells to immobilize enemies, absorb their health, return received damage and increase damage resistance. This path will be a very good choice for those who want to play as a tank. You can find many useful spells for both AvA and PvE encounters.

Draconic Power Skills

Dragon Leap
Spiked Armor
Dark Talons
Dragon Blood
Reflective Scales
Iron Skin
Burning Heart
Elder Dragon
Scaled Armor

The Ultimate Ability - Dragon Leap – allows the class to summon magic wings and jump forward dealing damage and knocking back enemies. Animation of the spell looks great.
Spike Armor is a good protective spell that increases your resistance to damage and returns damage to foes in melee combat.
Dark Talons immobilizes nearby foes allowing your team to increase distance.
Dragon Blood heals the templar and applies heal-over-time effect that restores additional portion of health.
Reflective Scales allow to reflect incoming projectiles.
Inhale absorbs health from surrounding enemies, dealing damage that depends on the amount of absorbed health.

Passive abilities increase efficiency of your block, increase efficiency of incoming healing, make your regeneration faster and give you additional resistance to spells.

All Draconic Power spells complement each other allowing Templar to protect himself, restore health, control the crowd and deal damage to enemies. As you can see there are many roles that Templar can master using this tree. You can also combine Draconic Power abilities with other trees and increase efficiency of the class in definite role. For example you can add several damaging abilities and make your character stronger in dealing damage. Or you can add a healing spell instead of combat and increase the survivability. Elder Scrolls Online allows you to combine different spells according to your wishes and you can create your own Templar class.

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