Destructive Touch

Destructive Touch
Requires Destruction Staff
Cast Time Instant
Cost Magicka
Type: Active
- Deals 6 Magic damage to target enemy
- Fire Touch causes knockback
- Frost Touch causes deep freeze
- Shock Touch causes disorient
Unlocked at Destruction Staff Skills Rank 2
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Destructive Touch deals damage to enemy and applies additional debuff that depends on the type of the stuff equipped. If you hold fire staff the target will be knocked back, if you hold Frost staff – it will be frozen, if you hold Lightning staff – will be disoriented.


Destructive Clench

- add additional elemental effects: fire causes knockback and stun, frost causes deeper freeze, storm causes disorient and chance to off balance.

Destructive Reach

- doubles the range from 7 to 14 meters.

Tier 1 Morphing

Spell Type

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