Steadfast Ward

Steadfast Ward
Requires Restoration Staff
Cast Time Instant
Cost Magicka
Type: Active
- Create 5 point damage shield for 12 seconds on lowest health ally in front of you
- Shield strength bolstered by up to 300%, increasing based on missing health
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Steadfast Ward is a protective spell from Restoration Staff tree. Caster protects himself with a magical shield that absorbs definite amount of damage from the next incoming attack. If the damage exceeds the limit the spell can absorb, hero receives all remaining unabsorbed damage. It is a useful spell that can help you in many situations, especially in PvP and raids.

Though it is a good way to protect yourself, you should use Steadfast Ward carefully. The spell absorbs damage from the next attack. This attack can be really heavy or a simple basic attack. Does not matter what type of attack your enemy will use; your shield will absorb it and disappear. If your enemy is smart and reacts fast he can notice that you activated Steadfast Ward and can strike you with light attack to disable the shield. That’s how reactive combat in Elder Scrolls Online works.

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