Shadow Barrier

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Shadow Barrier
Requires Nightblade
Type: Passive
Your character receives extra protection after invisibility or stealth.

Shadow Barrier gives additional protection to the Nightblade class after invisibility of stealth.

As you know every class in ESO can use stealth but only Nightblade has very good passives that make his stealth much more beneficial. One of such passives is Shadow Barrier. There is no any other class in the game that can receive extra protection after stealth.

Shadow assassins use stealth and invisibility very often that’s why this passive will help every Nightblade. The Shadow path has several great abilities that work great with Shadow Barrier. One of these spells is Consuming Darkness [Ultimate]. Consuming Darkness creates an area of shadow that covers Nightblade. He appears for several seconds after attack and then disappears again. Shadow Barrier gains extra protection every time the Nightblade appears.

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