Consuming Darkness

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Consuming Darkness
Requires Nightblade
Cast Time Instant
Type: Ultimate
Creates an area of darkness that snares enemies and gains you invisibility. Attacking an enemy removes the invisibility for a short time. Allies can also gain invisibility by activating Slip Away synergy.

Consuming Darkness is an Ultimate ability of the Nightblade class. It creates an area of darkness that snares all enemies in a radius and makes your character invisible. If you attack a target in the area your invisibility will disappear for a short period. There is also Slip Away synergy that any ally may activate. It gains invisibility to those players who activate it.

Consuming Darkness is very useful skill because it can confuse your enemy. Imagine that you are invisible and your target does not see you. You attack the target with a sudden attack and then use Consuming Darkness. The enemy understands that you are here but does not see you. Moreover, every time you attack him he can see you for a short period of time only. It can confuse any player.

The spell is also great because it gives invisibility to all your allies if they use Slip Away synergy. Allies need to activate this synergy in order to get benefits.

Consuming Darkness has a very good snaring effect that decreases movement speed of all enemies in the area. This effect allows you to take more advantage from invisibility because invisibility effect of this spell works while you are in the area. Your enemy has decreased movement speed and can’t escape from you fast.

This ability can be Morphed into

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