Shadow is the second skill line of Nightblade class. Unlike Assassination tree this skill line is aimed to hide your character. This line allows the class to use benefits of hidden attacks and shadow defense. It is difficult to imagine an assassin without shadow abilities.

Shadow Skills

Consuming Darkness
Shadow Cloak
Veiled Strike
Summon Shade
Path of Darkness
Aspect of Terror
Refreshing Shadow
Shadow Barrier
Dark Veil

Let’s take a close look at the abilities

  • Consuming Darkness – an ultimate ability that helps you to avoid attacks. It is a self buff that increases your evasion.
  • Shadow Cloak – is a very useful spell that allows to disappear anytime. The spell gains short duration invisibility upon activation. The invisibility does not disappear if you deal damage.
  • Veiled Strike – is a special attack performed from stealth. Stuns enemies and deals heavy damage.
  • Summon Shade – summon a shady helper that deals damage and debuffs foes.
  • Path of Darkness – creates a path in front of the character. All enemies on the path receive damage. Nightblade receives speed bonus when moving along the path.
  • Aspect of Terror – scares nearby foes.

Shadow line’s passive abilities are focused on making your skills more effective: increase duration, give additional health per shadow skill slotted, gain increased stamina regeneration and decrease incoming damage after stealth.

As you see the line has very useful skills that allow Nightblade to use stealth as a weapon. You can create several great attacking combinations using Shadow skills. For example you sneak to the enemy and hit him with Veiled Strike to stun and get initiative. Then you can use Shadow Cloak to disappear and continue your attacks. If the target tries to escape, Path of Darkness will definitely help you.

Any Nightblade should have couple of Shadow spells on hotbar.

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