Sithis [NPC]

Sithis is one of the most powerful gods of Tamriel. Sometimes he is called Padomay. The power of this god is almost absolute. He is considered as one of two primal forces in the world of Elder Scrolls Online. His opponent is Anu (Anuiel) – his brother who is the other powerful god. These brothers represented two original equal forces. There was a warfare between these forces. Sithis wanted to destroy everything and Anuiel didn’t let him to do it by pulling them both outside of Time. He created Nirn before doing this.

Sithis represents chaos. He does not belong to Dardra or Aedra and does not live in any plane of Oblivion. His and his brother’s blood gave birth to Aedra. Most of Daedric princes are influenced by him and represent “evil” side. Almost all races of Tamriel think that Anu and Sithis are enemies but Redguards do not think so and believe in one original god of everything.

God of chaos and evil is not very popular among people. Most of the people afraid of him and do not want to deal with his venerators. The name of Sithis is associated with murder, evil and chaos. The most well known group of Sithis’ faithful venerators is Dark Brotherhood – guild of professional assassins. They consider him as patron and protector. They believe that he is a male and husband of the Night Mother.

The various races of Tamriel all have different ideologies about the nature of Sithis. Each race treats him differently. Though most races prefer to stay away from him Argonians have their unique tradition to present Sithis every child born under the Shadow birth sign. Argonians send such child to the Dark Brotherhood where assassins train him. If the child is strong enough and reaches certain age he starts his assassin career. He serves Sithis through Dark Brotherhood.

The real story of Sithis is covered with shadow. Each race has a lot of myths about the original gods and it is difficult to find out the truth. Anyway real nature of Sithis is not demonic as many people think. He is the powerful god, lord of all Tamriel. Everything begins and ends with him.

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