Aedric Spear

Ardric Spear Skills

Radial Sweep
Puncturing Strikes
Piercing Javelin
Focused Charge
Spear Shards
Sun Shield
Piercing Spear
Spear Wall
Burning Light
Balanced Warrior
Biting Jabs
Puncturing Sweep
Aurora Javelin
Binding Javelin
Empowering Sweep
Crescent Sweep
Explosive Charge
Toppling Charge
Luminous Shards
Blazing Spear
Radiant Ward
Blazing Shield

Aedric Spear is one of three magic schools that a Templar can master. The school has 5 active skills, 4 passive and 1 ultimate ability. All abilities of the school are based on holy / light magic. Though most people think that a Templar is only a healer, this isn't true. Yes, the class has great abilities to support allies in difficult situations, but, it is not the only possible role of a Templar. The class system within ESO allows any class, to choose any role.

Aedric Spear magic is predominantly offensive. The school consists of attacking and damage mitigating abilities, as well as, spells that increase the Templars damage dealing. The Aedric Spear school has everything that is required to defeat any enemy and protect yourself from incoming damage. There are also handy abilities that give bonuses to all your allies.

Unlike most abilities of a Dragon Knight, most of an attacking Templar’s abilities do not have DoT effects, but deal great instant damage. If you want to be a light paladin of ESO, you should definitely use Aedric Spear spells.

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