Achievements in ESO

Elder Scrolls Online has a huge list of Achievements that show your progress in different aspects of the game. Their role is to offer you new challenges and make your gameplay more interesting. All of them are divided into several groups: PvP, PvE, quest, exploration, dungeon, crafting and so on. For example Quest section show your progress in completing large quest chains or your questing progress in a specific zone. Lore section shows your progress in gathering lore books and other information. The challenges are different and require different actions from player. Exploration accomplishments can be earned through visiting different parts of a zone, PvP – through participating in AvA war.

Item Title Category Style Craftable
High King Emeric's Savior Daggerfall Covenant
Hightide Hollow Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Hildune's Secret Refuge Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Hircine's Haunt Explorer Craglorn
Hoarvor Pit Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Hog Killer Justice
Home Trespasser Justice
Homeowner Property
Honor Among Thieves Thieves Guild
Hooking Wrothgar's Biggest Catch Orsinium
Horn Breaker Imperial City
Horror of Horrors Imperial City
Hound Hinderer Aldmeri Dominion
Hrelvesuu's Bane General
Hrota Cave Explorer Dark Brotherhood
Humanoid Slayer General
I Like M'aiq General
I Must Complete My Contract General
Ice Wraith Hunter Coldharbour
Icehammer's Vault Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Iconoclast Aldmeri Dominion
Ilessan Tower Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Ill-Gotten Gains Justice
Illicit Entrepreneur Justice
Illusive Dazzler Jester's Festival
Illustrious Launderer Justice
Ilthag's Undertower Explorer Craglorn
Imp Stool Alchemy
Imperial Anchor Shatterer General
Imperial Arena Champion Imperial City
Imperial City Angler Imperial City
Imperial City Challenger Imperial City
Imperial City Dungeon Locksmith Imperial City
Imperial City Locksmith Imperial City
Imperial City Prison Conqueror Imperial City
Imperial City Prison Vanquisher Imperial City
Imperial City Recruit Imperial City
Imperial City Skyshard Hunter Imperial City
Imperial City Veteran Imperial City
Imperial City Warlord Imperial City
Imperial Lightbringer Imperial City
Imperial Sewers Pathfinder Imperial City
Imperial Slayer Cyrodiil
Imperial Transgressions Imperial City
Indecent Exposure Justice
Indomitable Adventurer General
Inner Sea Armature Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Ire of the Storm Imperial City
Iron Wheel Infiltration Thieves Guild
Jester's Personal Chef Jester's Festival
Jode's Light Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Journeyman Crafting Harvester General
Journeyman Decorator Decorating
Keep Capture Cyrodiil
Key Collector Imperial City
Khajiit Slayer Cyrodiil
Khajiiti Hunters' Bane Ebonheart Pact
Khenarthi's Roost Angler Fishing
Khenarthi's Roost Pathfinder Aldmeri Dominion
Khenarthi's Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Kill a Grand Overlord Cyrodiil
Kill Corintthac the Abomination Orsinium
Kill King-Chief Edu Orsinium
Kill Mad Urkazbur the Ogre Orsinium
Kill Nyzchaleft Orsinium
Kill Old Snagara Orsinium
Kill Zandadunoz the Reborn Orsinium
King of the Hill Aldmeri Dominion
Kingmaker Orsinium
Kingscrest Cavern Explorer Cyrodiil
Klathzgar Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Knife Ear Grotto Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Koeglin Mine Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Korignah's Bane Daggerfall Covenant
Kruz Control Daggerfall Covenant
Kuna's Delve Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Kvatch Murder Spree Dark Brotherhood
Lady Llarel's Shelter Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Lady's Smock Alchemy
Land Baron Property
Landlord Property
Landowner Property
Lava Foot Shuffle New Life Festival
Learn a Trait General
Learn the Nirnhoned Trait General
Leave No Stash Behind Thieves Guild
Legendary Blacksmith Blacksmithing
Legendary Clothier Clothier
Legendary Woodworker Woodworking
Level 10 Hero General
Level 20 Hero General
Level 30 Hero General
Level 40 Hero General
Level 50 Hero General
Library Decorator Decorating
Lich Butcher Daggerfall Covenant
Life Sentence Imperial City
Light of the Ayleid King Coldharbour
Lightbringer General
Lighting Decorator Decorating
Limbscather Slayer Daggerfall Covenant
Lion's Den Conqueror Public Dungeons
Lion's Den Group Event Public Dungeons
Lion's Den Vanquisher Public Dungeons
Lion's Golden Pride Thieves Guild
Lipsand Tarn Explorer Cyrodiil
Litany of Blood Dark Brotherhood
Livestock Mass Murderer Justice
Lonely Papa's Doom Daggerfall Covenant
Lonely Sentinel Dark Brotherhood
Loose Ends Thieves Guild
Loot Cleaner Justice
Loot Sanitizer Justice
Loot the Landing Thieves Guild
Lord of Misrule Jester's Festival
Lord Warden's Retaliation Imperial City
Lost City Conqueror Public Dungeons
Lost City Vanquisher Public Dungeons
Loth'Na Caverns Explorer Craglorn
Lower Bthanual Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Lower Craglorn Cave Delver Craglorn
Lower Craglorn Master Explorer Craglorn
Lower Craglorn Pathfinder Craglorn
Lower Craglorn Skyshards Skyshards
Lucky Seven Orsinium
Luminous Russula Alchemy
Lycanthropy General
Lycanthropy Master General
Mabrigash Shade Destroyer Ebonheart Pact
Maelstrom Arena Champion Orsinium
Maelstrom Arena Conqueror Orsinium
Maelstrom Arena: Perfect Run Orsinium
Mages Guild Skill Master Guilds
Magnanimous Magnate Thieves Guild
Maj's Cohort General
Make Amends Justice
Mal Sorra's Tomb Explorer Coldharbour
Malabal Tor Adventurer Aldmeri Dominion
Malabal Tor Angler Fishing
Malabal Tor Cave Delver Aldmeri Dominion
Malabal Tor Master Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Malabal Tor Pathfinder Aldmeri Dominion
Malabal Tor Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Malacath Style Master Orsinium
Mannskadi's Mauler Ebonheart Pact
Maormer's Bane Aldmeri Dominion
Marines Avenger Aldmeri Dominion
Mass Murderer Justice
Massive Damage Dealer Cyrodiil
Massive Healer Cyrodiil
Master Adventurer General
Master Alchemist Alchemy
Master Alchemy Furnisher Alchemy
Master Bast Harvester Clothier
Master Blacksmith Blacksmithing
Master Blacksmithing Furnisher Blacksmithing
Master Burglar Justice
Master Chef Provisioning
Master Clean Pelt Harvester Clothier
Master Clothier Clothier
Master Clothing Furnisher Clothier
Master Crafter General
Master Crafting Harvester General
Master Deconstructor General
Master Decorator Decorating
Master Duelist General
Master Enchanter Enchanting
Master Enchanting Furnisher Enchanting
Master Fisher Fishing
Master Heartwood Harvester Woodworking
Master Monster Slayer General
Master Mundane Rune Harvester Enchanting
Master of Many Crafts General
Master of Refinement General
Master of Shadows Thieves Guild
Master Provisioner Provisioning
Master Provisioning Furnisher Provisioning
Master Regulus Harvester Blacksmithing
Master Resin Harvester Alchemy
Master Warrior General
Master Wax Harvester Provisioning
Master Woodworker Woodworking
Master Woodworking Furnisher Woodworking
Matchmaker Aldmeri Dominion
Maw of Lorkhaj Completed Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj Conqueror Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj Difficult Mode Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj: Fang Focused Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj: Moons' Champion Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj: Shadow Slayer Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj: Spotless Triumph Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj: Stainless Souls Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj: Two-Moons Dance Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj: Unchained Ambush Thieves Guild
Maw of Lorkhaj: Void Avoided Thieves Guild
Mazzatun Massacre Shadows of the Hist
Mazzatun Style Master Shadows of the Hist
Mehrunes Dremora Slayer Slayer Challenges
Mehrunes' Spite Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Memory Masher Ebonheart Pact

How to get an achievement?

You need to accomplish certain condition that can be found in the description. When it is done new achievement will be added. Every time you get a new accomplishment you receive definite amount of special achievement points. The amount of points depends on the difficulty of the task. The more difficult it is the more points you get. You will receive many achievements during your questing and explorations but sometimes you will have to do special actions to get one.

You can see your overall progress in a special window where total points and detailed statistics is displayed. You can see what you need to do in order to gain definite accomplishment. You can use this screen as an indicator of your in game activity. For example if you see that you have many Dungeon achievements and have no AvA accomplishments you pay a lot of attentions to raiding. Maybe you should try to visit Cyrodiil to try PvP side of Elder Scrolls Online.

Achievements in ESO are not just for fun. You can get special gear, skills and other rewards. Try to get as many points as you can.

Achievement Tracker

If you really want to get all possible rewards and complete all tasks it's recommended to use Wykkyd Achievement Tracker (you can download it from ESOUI). It will help you to track your progress. Here are all the features:

  • Multiple achievements tracking
  • Displays how many goals you have reached
  • Displays detailed or simplified view of the tasks you need to complete
  • Can notify player if there is an update in his progress. Plugin can do this through chat or in upper right corner. Notification is shown every 25% of total progress or at any other value.
  • Automatically detects all the achievements in current zone and tracks them
  • Keybinds for switching on and off this great plugin and notifications

As you see the tracker may help you a lot. You will not need to open your journal every time you wish to check your progress or see the requirements. The plugin will do everything for you and will display the results. It's a must have addon if you have a goal to unlock them all.

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