Achievements in ESO

Elder Scrolls Online has a huge list of Achievements that show your progress in different aspects of the game. Their role is to offer you new challenges and make your gameplay more interesting. All of them are divided into several groups: PvP, PvE, quest, exploration, dungeon, crafting and so on. For example Quest section show your progress in completing large quest chains or your questing progress in a specific zone. Lore section shows your progress in gathering lore books and other information. The challenges are different and require different actions from player. Exploration accomplishments can be earned through visiting different parts of a zone, PvP – through participating in AvA war.

Item Title Category Style Craftable
Eclectic Decorator Decorating
Egg and Root Ebonheart Pact
Egg Protector Ebonheart Pact
Elden Hollow I Assassin Speed Challenges
Elden Hollow I Conqueror General
Elden Hollow I Survivor Survivor Challenges
Elden Hollow I Vanquisher Group Dungeons
Elden Hollow II Assassin Speed Challenges
Elden Hollow II Conqueror General
Elden Hollow II Survivor Survivor Challenges
Elden Hollow II Vanquisher Group Dungeons
Emberflint Mine Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Embrace the Shadow Shadows of the Hist
Emetic Russula Alchemy
Emperor Assassin Cyrodiil
Emperor Slayer Cyrodiil
Emperor! Cyrodiil
End of Empire Daggerfall Covenant
Enduum Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Entila's Folly Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Entry Denied Imperial City
Epic Acquirer General
Epic Attire General
Epic Provisioner Provisioning
Erokii Ruins Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Escape Artist Justice
Essence Enchanting
Evermore Defender Daggerfall Covenant
Exalted of Elinhir Craglorn
Exarch's Stronghold Explorer Craglorn
Expert Alchemy Furnisher Alchemy
Expert Bast Harvester Clothier
Expert Blacksmithing Furnisher Blacksmithing
Expert Clean Pelt Harvester Clothier
Expert Clothing Furnisher Clothier
Expert Crafting Harvester General
Expert Deconstructor General
Expert Decorator Decorating
Expert Enchanting Furnisher Enchanting
Expert Heartwood Harvester Woodworking
Expert Mundane Rune Harvester Enchanting
Expert of Refinement General
Expert Provisioning Furnisher Provisioning
Expert Regulus Harvester Blacksmithing
Expert Resin Harvester Alchemy
Expert Warrior General
Expert Wax Harvester Provisioning
Expert Woodworking Furnisher Woodworking
Explorer General
Exterminator Shadows of the Hist
Faldar's Tooth Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Famed Recruiter Daggerfall Covenant
Faolchu's Bane Daggerfall Covenant
Farangel's Delve Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Fardir's Folly Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Favored Daedroth Destroyer General
Fear No Darkness Shadows of the Hist
Fearfangs Cavern Explorer Craglorn
Fearless Assaulter Death Challenges
Felonious Recompense Justice
Fifteenth Sacrament Dark Brotherhood
Fighters Guild Skill Master Guilds
Fighters Guild Veteran Guilds
Finders Keepers Thieves Guild
Fire Brigade Death Challenges
First Avenge Cyrodiil
First Blood Dark Brotherhood
First Contract Dark Brotherhood
First Cut Dark Brotherhood
First Revenge Cyrodiil
First Sacrament Dark Brotherhood
First to the Top Imperial City
First Writ General
Fish Boon Angler New Life Festival
Five Finger Discount Thieves Guild
Five Under Five Cyrodiil
Five-Clawed Cat Burglar New Life Festival
Flawless Sacrament Dark Brotherhood
Fledgling Filcher Thieves Guild
Fleshfly Larva Alchemy
Flyleaf Catacombs Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Forgefire Vault Explorer Coldharbour
Forgotten Crypts Conqueror Public Dungeons
Forgotten Crypts Group Event Public Dungeons
Forgotten Crypts Vanquisher Public Dungeons
Fort Greenwall Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Freeholder Property
Fresh Footpad Thieves Guild
Frigid Grotto Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Frost Atronach Destroyer Ebonheart Pact
Frost Lord Destroyer General
Fungal Grotto I Assassin Speed Challenges
Fungal Grotto I Conqueror General
Fungal Grotto I Survivor Survivor Challenges
Fungal Grotto I Vanquisher Group Dungeons
Fungal Grotto II Assassin Speed Challenges
Fungal Grotto II Conqueror General
Fungal Grotto II Survivor Survivor Challenges
Fungal Grotto II Vanquisher Group Dungeons
Gallery Decorator Decorating
Gandranen Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Gar Xuu Gar's Bane Daggerfall Covenant
Garlas Agea Explorer Dark Brotherhood
Gathongor Hunter Aldmeri Dominion
General Executioner General
General Serien's Demise Ebonheart Pact
Ghost Banisher Ebonheart Pact
Ghost Captain Crusher Aldmeri Dominion
Giant Slayer Ebonheart Pact
Giant-Friend Ebonheart Pact
Give to the Poor General
Glass Style Master General
Glenumbra Adventurer Daggerfall Covenant
Glenumbra Angler Fishing
Glenumbra Cave Delver Daggerfall Covenant
Glenumbra Master Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Glenumbra Pathfinder Daggerfall Covenant
Glenumbra Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Glirion's Cohort General
Glory of Magnus New Life Festival
Gold and Bragging Rights Guilds
Gold Coast Adventurer Dark Brotherhood
Gold Coast Cave Delver Dark Brotherhood
Gold Coast Connections Dark Brotherhood
Gold Coast Grand Adventurer Dark Brotherhood
Gold Coast Master Angler Dark Brotherhood
Gold Coast Master Explorer Dark Brotherhood
Gold Coast Pathfinder Dark Brotherhood
Gold Coast Skyshard Hunter Dark Brotherhood
Gold Coast Tourist Dark Brotherhood
Grahtwood Adventurer Aldmeri Dominion
Grahtwood Angler Fishing
Grahtwood Cave Delver Aldmeri Dominion
Grahtwood Master Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Grahtwood Pathfinder Aldmeri Dominion
Grahtwood Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Grand Dragonknight Slayer Cyrodiil
Grand Larcenist Justice
Grand Master Crafting Harvester General
Grand Master Decorator Decorating
Grand Nightblade Slayer Cyrodiil
Grand Sorcerer Slayer Cyrodiil
Grand Templar Slayer Cyrodiil
Graufang Hunter Daggerfall Covenant
Gravecaller's Doom Aldmeri Dominion
Greater Dungeon Blocker General
Greater Dungeon Healer General
Green No Longer General
Green Vanquisher Aldmeri Dominion
Greenshade Adventurer Aldmeri Dominion
Greenshade Angler Fishing
Greenshade Cave Delver Aldmeri Dominion
Greenshade Master Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Greenshade Pathfinder Aldmeri Dominion
Greenshade Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Grotto of Depravity Explorer Coldharbour
Ground Beef Justice
Guar Slayer Justice
Guardian of the Great Mage Coldharbour
Gurzag's Mine Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Haddock's Market Explorer Craglorn
Hag Hunter Daggerfall Covenant
Hag Upheaval Daggerfall Covenant
Haj Mota Matador Shadows of the Hist
Hall of the Dead Conqueror Public Dungeons
Hall of the Dead Group Event Public Dungeons
Hall of the Dead Vanquisher Public Dungeons
Hallowed Moons Aldmeri Dominion
Happy Work For Hollowjack Witches Festival
Harridan's Lair Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Hatespinner Hunter Daggerfall Covenant
Haynekhtnamet Hunter Ebonheart Pact
Haynote Cave Explorer Cyrodiil
Healer Cyrodiil
Hearth Decorator Decorating
Hearts of Darkness Ebonheart Pact
Heartwood Harvester Woodworking
Hel Ra Citadel Completed Trials
Hel Ra Citadel Conqueror Trials
Hel Ra Citadel Difficult Mode Trials
Hel Ra Citadel: The War Horn Trials
Hero of Bleakrock Ebonheart Pact
Hero of Falinesti Aldmeri Dominion
Hero of Frond and Leaf Aldmeri Dominion
Hero of Hew's Bane Thieves Guild
Hero of House Dorell Daggerfall Covenant
Hero of House Tamrith Daggerfall Covenant
Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion General
Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant General
Hero of the Ebonheart Pact General
Hero of Wrothgar Orsinium
Hew's Bane Adventurer Thieves Guild
Hew's Bane Cave Delver Thieves Guild
Hew's Bane Grand Adventurer Thieves Guild
Hew's Bane Master Angler Thieves Guild
Hew's Bane Master Explorer Thieves Guild
Hew's Bane Pathfinder Thieves Guild
Hew's Bane Skyshard Hunter Thieves Guild
Hidden Sacrament Dark Brotherhood
High Elf Slayer Cyrodiil

How to get an achievement?

You need to accomplish certain condition that can be found in the description. When it is done new achievement will be added. Every time you get a new accomplishment you receive definite amount of special achievement points. The amount of points depends on the difficulty of the task. The more difficult it is the more points you get. You will receive many achievements during your questing and explorations but sometimes you will have to do special actions to get one.

You can see your overall progress in a special window where total points and detailed statistics is displayed. You can see what you need to do in order to gain definite accomplishment. You can use this screen as an indicator of your in game activity. For example if you see that you have many Dungeon achievements and have no AvA accomplishments you pay a lot of attentions to raiding. Maybe you should try to visit Cyrodiil to try PvP side of Elder Scrolls Online.

Achievements in ESO are not just for fun. You can get special gear, skills and other rewards. Try to get as many points as you can.

Achievement Tracker

If you really want to get all possible rewards and complete all tasks it's recommended to use Wykkyd Achievement Tracker (you can download it from ESOUI). It will help you to track your progress. Here are all the features:

  • Multiple achievements tracking
  • Displays how many goals you have reached
  • Displays detailed or simplified view of the tasks you need to complete
  • Can notify player if there is an update in his progress. Plugin can do this through chat or in upper right corner. Notification is shown every 25% of total progress or at any other value.
  • Automatically detects all the achievements in current zone and tracks them
  • Keybinds for switching on and off this great plugin and notifications

As you see the tracker may help you a lot. You will not need to open your journal every time you wish to check your progress or see the requirements. The plugin will do everything for you and will display the results. It's a must have addon if you have a goal to unlock them all.

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