Werewolf Transformation

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Werewolf Transformation
Requires Lycanthropy
Cast Time Instant
Cost 1167 Ultimate
Type: Ultimate
- Transform into a Werewolf causing nearby enemies to run in fear
- Increases Stamina
- Increases Armor
- Increase Run Speed
- Attack damage is derived from Max Stamina
Unlocked at Lycanthropy Rank 1

Werewolf Transformation is an Ultimate ability from Lycanthropy skill line. This ultimate has one clear goal – transform you into werewolf. The ability itself costs a lot of Ultimate energy and will occupy your ultimate slot. Though the ultimate cost is very high in the beginning, you can master a special passive called Bloodrage to generate ultimate faster.

The transformation will make your character much more powerful gaining extra stamina, armor, running speed, and attack damage. Attack damage is derived from max stamina. You can’t use any other skills except those from Werewolf skill line while you are transformed. You also can’t use your weapons. You become a beast and you fight like a beast with your own claws and teeth.

This ability can be Morphed into

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  1. Guybot1001 06 january 2016, 00:01 # 0
    I'd like to know: if I transform in front of a friendly NPC, will I become a target by everyone?
    Edit: Mainly during battles or during incidents like the Pirate invasion of Haven and all?

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