Veiled Strike

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Veiled Strike
Requires Nightblade
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Deals Magic damage and sets the enemy off balance
- Stuns enemy for x seconds

Veiled Strike is an attack from shadow. Nightblade attacks enemy dealing increased damage and stunning the target. This skill can be used if you are in Stealth. For many players Stealth will be general mode and Veiled Strike will make your stealth attacks much better.

Nightblade can use this attack in the beginning of the fight. It is a good opening ability that will stun your enemy giving you initiative. Your enemy will have to react and use his energy to get rid of the stunning effect.

Some player may think that Veiled Strike can be useful only in the beginning of the fight. But you can use Veiled Strike not only in the beginning. Nightblade class has several beneficial abilities the allow him to disappear in the middle of the fight. For example Consuming Darkness gains invisibility when you are in combat. It is possible to use Veiled Strike when Consuming Darkness ultimate is active. It is a great combination because Consuming Darkness ability makes you invisible and also gains invisibility after you attack the enemy.

Thus Veiled Strike is a beneficial skill that helps your character to perform deadly attacks from stealth.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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