Teleport Strike

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Teleport Strike
Requires Nightblade
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Step through the shadows, appearing next your target
- Deal magic damage to enemy and stun him

Teleport Strike is an active ability of Nightblade class. It is an attacking spell that teleports your character directly to your target dealing damage stunning for a short duration.

How to use

Teleport Strike teleports you to the enemy and allows to start the battle fast. Most of the time your enemy will not have chance to strike you and thus you will receive initiative. You will begin the battle and the enemy will have to protect himself.

It is a very good ability against ranged damage dealers. One of the most important advantages of all ranged damage dealers is that they have a lot of abilities to attack you without coming close. They are always trying to keep distance and kite. Thus your first goal is to decrease distance fast. Teleport Strike is one of the best spells for that. You will get closer to the enemy and will also stun him. This will give you extra time for your next actions.

Teleport Strike can be used to catch escaping target with low health. Very often low health enemy understands that he can not win and tries to escape. You need to act fast in order to catch him. You can use this spell first to get closer to the enemy and then use Assassin’s Blade to deal extra damage. Only few enemies will be able to survive after such sequence of attacks.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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